Specter Wants Independent Investigation

Senator Arlen Specter isn't buying the explanation of the NFL on the findings in the Matt Walsh videotaping investigation. Actually, Specter has called into question the league's handling of the issue and has called for an independent investigation.

The NFL Has reached its conclusion about the videotapes created by the New England Patriots and found that the evidence presented by ex-employee Matt Walsh was consistent with the information they already had. That information will not lead to additional punishment for the Patriots according to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. That explanation doesn't sit well with Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter.

After conducting his own interview with Walsh, Specter called for an additional, independent investigation looking into the videotaping practices of the Patriots

"After a lot of consideration, it's my judgment that there ought to be an impartial investigation, an outside investigation, like the investigation that baseball had with the help of former senator George Mitchell," Specter said in his press conference.

Specter went on to list a number of reasons why he felt that the NFL investigation was did not do enough to address the questions and concerns he has. Specter also stated that the NFL did not do enough to prove to NFL fans and to the general public, that the integrity of the game has not been compromised.

One point Specter made both in his press conference and in his NFL Floor Statement, was to note that Patriots attorney Dan Goldberg was present during the Commissioner's questioning of Walsh.

"It's really strange credulity to say that sort of practice is objective or impartial," Specter noted of Goldberg's presence during questioning.

Specter listed his major talking points in his floor statement which can be read on his Senate website. (link)

Specter used the term "incensed" when describing what he understood to be the practices of the Patriots against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Championship game played in 2002. Specter believes that the information obtained through the videotapes helped the Patriots achieve victory in close contests. He named a number of games against the Steelers as examples.

From the sound of where Specter is going with his comments, it is unlikely that he is going to let the issue fade into the sunset without a fight.

The NFL took note of Senator Specter's call for an independent commission and released a statement with its reaction:

"We respectfully disagree with Senator Specter's characterization of the investigation conducted by our office. We are following up after yesterday's meeting with Matt Walsh."

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