O'Connell Admires Unitas and Favre

Patriots rookie quarterback Kevin O'Connell has already shown he can perform under fire while a quarterback at San Diego State. The Patriots third round draft pick spoke about being Drafted by the Patriots, his admiration for players like Johnny Unitas and the one quarterback rookie trading card he would want the most.

At a recent public appearance for the Reebok Rookie Premiere, NFL rookie quarterback Kevin O'Connell joined Eagles rookie wide receiver DeSean Jackson at a fan autograph signing session in Beverly Hills.

O'Connell, who was selected in the third round of the 2008 NFL Draft, spoke of his admiration for a number of quarterback greats from the past. Standing in front of magazine covers featuring images of former Colt quarterback Johnny Unitas, O'Connell humbly complimented those who played the position before him.

"If I could have a career 1/10th of the career he had -- or a lot of the great quarterbacks had -- I'll be happy," O'Connell told FoxSports.com. "Today I'm just happy to say I'm a member of the NFL and have an opportunity to be around some of these kids."

O'Connell said his favorite trading card was Green Bay Packer great Brett Favre's rookie card. "I probably say Brett Favre's rookie card, out of Southern Miss... It's a special one."

When asked about his thoughts on playing behind Tom Brady, O'Connell said that was one of the things Bill Belichick mentioned to him after the team drafted him.

"They saw that I had a lot of potential and they thought if I could be a sponge around Tom, and just get to know his work habits and ethic, that I could do some good things for [the Patriots]. "

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson and New England Patriots quarterback Kevin O'Connell poses with a fan as part of the 2008 Reebok NFL PLAYERS Rookie Premiere at the Beverly Hills Baseball Card Shop on May 15, 2008 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for NFL PLAYERS)

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