Trivia Tuesday: 6/17

The Patriots have a storied franchise. How much do you really know about the team? Take the trivia contest to pit your knowledge against other fans.

Trivia Tuesday:

Each week we'll test your knowledge of the New England Patriots. Tell us what you think the answers are and get entered into a weekly givaway.  Actual answers will be posted in this space next week.

1) In 1993 the Patriots held the first pick in the Draft. They chose Drew Bledsoe. Who was the one other player they were considering?
A: Ryan Leaf
B: Rick Mirer
C: Trent Dilfer
D: Tommy Maddox

2) What year were the Patriots founded?
A: 1950
B: 1959
C: 1968
D: 1970

3) Which player has the most receptions in Franchise history?
A: Troy Brown
B: Stanley Morgan
C: Ben Coates
D: Irving Fryar

4) Who owned the Patriots before the Kraft Family?
A: Victor Kiam
B: Billy Sullivan
C: James Orthwein
D: None of the above

5) The Patriots have Drafted how many quarterbacks in the first round over the last 20 years (since 1988)?
A: 2
B: 3
C: 4
D: none of the above

6) Which Hall of Fame worthy quarterbacks were drafted by the Patriots
A: Fran Tarkenton
B: Jim Plunkett
C: Drew Bledsoe
D: Both B and C
E: All of the above

7) Who scored the first touchdown for the Patriots in the 2007 regular season?
A: Laurence Maroney
B: Sammy Morris
C: Randy Moss
D: Wes Welker

8) What is Laurence Maroney's nickname?
A: "Big Dog"
B: Superman
C: Kool Aid
D: Sweetness

9) How many Super Bowls have the Patriots been in?
A: 3
B: 4
C: 5
D: 6

10) The Patriots had 10 picks headed into in the 2007 NFL Draft. How many of the players they selected are still on the team?
A: 1
B: 2
C: 4
D: 5

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