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Adam Caplan stops by to answer member questions. Get inside to find out what Caplan is hearing about the Pats quest to add another linebacker, What's going with the AFC East rivals, who has a better shot of sticking Aiken or Washington? These answers and more...

Q&A With NFL Insider Adam Caplan

Question) The Patriots wiped out teams by big margins of victory last year. They broke the single-season scoring record, most TD passes and most TD receptions in a season. But later in the year teams seemed to figure out that passing attack, and eventually, the Giants used that knowledge to defeat them in the Super Bowl. Do you think the team has the talent to be less one-dimensional in 2008?

Adam Caplan: I would expect them to run the ball more with Sammy Morris back and with that said, they should get better balance on offense. When you have better balance, it makes it harder for teams to figure out what you're going to do on offense.

Q) What are your thoughts on the Patriots addition o f LaMont Jordan to the running back group? Does he have the capability to return to the same form in 2004 with the Jets when he averaged over 5 yards per carry, or in 2005 when he rushed for over 1000 yards with the Raiders?

Caplan: Jordan is more there for insurance at this point. He provides value to the team should one of the other three backs get hurt.

Q) The Jets have used free agency as a way to stockpile their roster immediately with talent. Will all the moves they made in the off-season pay off for them?

Caplan: Adding Brett Favre immediately upgrades their QB position and that position was a big issue for them. The biggest issue now for the Jets would be at cornerback opposite Darrelle Revis.

Q) Do you think the Buffalo Bills have improved enough to be the Patriots top competition for the division, or will another AFC East team stake that claim to fame?

Caplan: The Jets, based on their off-season acquisitions plus with the addition of Favre, could make some noise. But as far as being a legitimate threat, the Jets are still a distant No. 2 in that division.

Q) Laurence Maroney hasn't turned had the same success that other first round running backs have had. Is it Maroney, or something about the Patriots offense that is holding him back? How soon before he can be labeled a bust?

Caplan: Maroney would only be a bust if he wasn't the starter. But Maroney's inconsistency last season would be a cause of concern and had Sammy Morris not goten hurt, Maroney might have lost the starting job.

Q) Kelley Washington or Sam Aiken, who makes the final roster and why?

Caplan: Aiken is the better special teams player of the two so it's possible he beats out Washington. When you're talking about your No. 5 or No. 6 receiver, it comes down to versatility not so much as playing the receiver position.

Q) Will Nick Kaczur get suspended? Or is his cooperation with the police enough to get him a pass from Rodger Goodell?

Caplan: Good question. This is a unique situation which the league hasn't faced before with the revised player conduct policy. It's hard to gauge because Goodell's decision can be construed as subjective based on the information he has which we're not privy to and you don't have to be convicted or even charged with something to get suspended.

Q) What's happening with Junior Seau?

Caplan: The expectation was that he would tell the team if he wanted to play again by the start of camp and since he hasn't done that, he'll probably not play this season unless there's an injury of note to one of the ILBs.

[Editors Note: This question was before Seau went on San Diego Radio recently saying he would only play fot the Patriots but he wasn't ready to play yet]

Q) Where will Ty Law end up?

Caplan: He wants more than the veteran minimum so he may have to wait a while until a cornerback gets hurt to get what he wants.

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