Patriots Have Advantage Over These Teams

What do Steven Jackson, Jason Peters and Derrick Harvey have in common? The Rams' star running back, the Bills' Pro Bowl left tackle and the Jaguars' first-round draft pick are the lone remaining holdouts in the NFL.

And they're all gaining more leverage by the day.

News regarding Jackson's situation has been hard to come by, with few reports of talks between the sides. Coach Scott Linehan did say, "There have been some talks and they are moving along." But there has been no sign that Jackson is close to getting a new deal or reporting to the team.
Meanwhile, the first-string offense has failed to produce a touchdown through two preseason games without Jackson. In fact, the Rams' only touchdown in either game was engineered by a third-string quarterback. Marc Bulger threw a pair of interceptions before being pulled from Saturday's game against San Diego following a big hit.

Peters' stock has only continued to rise with the Bills' pass-protection issues through two preseason games. Not only is Peters the team's top lineman, but the Bills don't have much quality depth.

The Jaguars took their own hit in negotiations with Harvey when their defensive ends combined for just four tackles against Miami. They didn't register a single sack and applied only very occasional pressure.

Quentin Groves, drafted a round after Harvey, got his first start against the Dolphins. But you wouldn't know it by looking at the box score, because he didn't show up in a single statistical category. Neither did the man he replaced, Kenny Pettway.

Jacksonville has veteran Paul Spicer at one end, but the position has been further thinned by Reggie Hayward missing the first two games with a sore hamstring and reserve James Wyche landing on season-ending injured reserve.

According to published reports, the Jaguars are offering Harvey a $16.885 million guaranteed package with a base package of $21.140 million. Cedric Ellis, drafted seventh overall by New Orleans, received $19.5 million guaranteed and $32 million base, while Keith Rivers, selected ninth by Cincinnati, got a reported $15.445 guaranteed, $20.125 base package.

Ken Kremer, Harvey's agent, is looking for a deal closer to what Ellis received. As a result, the two sides are at an impasse. The Jaguars have made two offers to Harvey, the first on July 1 and the most recent on July 28. The two sides spoke twice early last week but remain in a stalemate.

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