Comments From The Locker Room: Giants

Post game comments from the New York Giants locker room after they defeated the New England Patriots 19-14 Thursday night.

Darcy Johnson on touchdown reception:

We had a flag route called and they brought two on the blitz and I turned around and caught the ball. I turned around and a little guy tried to tackle my legs. Last week I got tackled at the two-yard line and they chop blocked me. I figured they were going to try to do that again. I just stiff-armed them and saw the end zone. The little dude (Fernando Bryant) tried to tackle me up high and I drove him for a couple of yards, especially when I saw the end zone was so close. I just wanted to make it in.

David Carr on tonight's game:

We had a lot of guys going in and out tonight. I tried to manage and make them feel comfortable tonight. And in turn they made me feel comfortable tonight. The O-line did a good job of keeping me off my back. As long as they knew what they were doing, we were going to be just fine tonight.

(On Darcy Johnson's catch): They ended up bringing a blitz and Darcy did a good job of seeing it. We were both on the same page. He made a nice catch and just carried his guy into the end zone.

(On Sinorice Moss' TD catch:) The inside guys did a good job of clearing it out. I didn't really see him but I saw someone chasing across the middle. I figured it was him and I just threw it out there. Sinorice made a great catch and did a good job of getting into the end zone.

Mario Manningham on tonight's game:

I was just trying to contribute to my team as much as I could. I was just trying to make plays and get better every play. I felt tonight was a real good night to develop chemistry with the team. I also felt we started to come together. Even though the starters weren't out there, the second and third strings were also contributing which is really important for this team to develop depth. I felt we did pretty good tonight with so many different guys in.

Mathias Kiwanuka on performance at defensive end:

Basically I felt good. I'm glad the change came early enough in preseason so that I could get acclimated to the position and get enough reps going into the regular season. I have 100% confidence that I will get the job done this year. It wasn't 100% for me. I know I'm not where I need to be. I know I'm not where I can be. I'm not playing up to my potential yet. But for having one week of practice with my hand in the dirt, I felt good about it.

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