Source: Brady's All Done

Multiple contradicting reports coming in from around the country have Patriots fans wondering what the real story is. PI just heard from someone with knowledge of the situation. Here's what we were told.

Tom Brady left Sunday's game against the Kansas City Chiefs in the first quarter after suffering what appeared to be a serious knee injury. Hit by Chiefs safety Benard Pollard as he was throwing the ball, Brady went to the ground in a heap. He held his left knee as he rolled around on the ground in agony. Those on the field report hearing Brady scream out in pain at the hit.

OL Matt Light: "I don't know what his status is, but anytime your starting quarterback goes out of the game, especially with a guy like Tom that has so many qualities on the field that lead to our success and who is our ultimate leader on offense, it's a bad feeling."

WR Wes Welker: "Obviously you try to stay confident in the game, but at the same time you're looking at your starting quarterback and your friend out there and you're hoping and praying that he's OK."

Want to know what we've been told by someone "in the know?"

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