Inside The Jets Locker Room After The Loss

Jets Insider Dan Leberfeld helps shed light on the Jets postgame reaction to Sunday's Loss to the Tom Brady-less New England Patriots.

1) What was the reaction the day after the loss to the Patriots? Were the Jets players mad, frustrated, or resigned to the outcome?

Dan Leberfeld: The players seemed fine. It's a pretty even-keeled team. I think they are getting tired about all the questions regarding the three straight running plays from the three yard line that didn't work. And Mangini didn't seem happy when he was pepper with a myriad of questions about it. The players and coaches are getting hammered over that by the fans and press.

This loss wasn't a big surprise. Brett Favre, who knows only a small part of the Jets offense, facing the most complex defense in the league, is a terrible matchup for the Jets. Not only isn't he comfortable with what he is doing, but he had to confused by what he was looking at. Remember, he didn't face a lot of 3-4 teams in the NFC. You would expect the Jets to play better in the second Patriots game when Favre has the offense down, and all their other new players are more comfortable with the team. They have a lot of new key players.

2) There was no mention of the Patriots video taping scandal leading up to the game, is that in the past now, or do you think it's still an issue between these organizations even when it isn't in the press?

Dan Leberfeld: I think everyone believes it's time to move on. The NFL dealt with it, and it's over. I really don't think people around here are thinking about it much anymore. I personally think it was blown way out of proportion.

3) Brett Favre looked deflated during the game, with time still left. Is he just tired, or could he be re-thinking his decision to play one more year?

Dan Leberfeld: We all know Favre would have preferred a trade to a West Coast offense team. That is the system he has played the last 16 years in, and wanted to continue in it. That is why he wanted to go to Minnesota or Tampa. But Mike Tannenbaum convinced him it could work with the Jets, so he agreed to the deal. While the Jets situation is growing on him, learning an entirely new system has been very difficult for him, especially getting here just a month before the season. I think one of the reasons New England decided to bring Guiterrez back, and not sign a quarterback from the outside, was that it takes so long for quarterbacks, even veterans, to learn new playbooks. Guiterrez knows the Pats playbook.

Like I said before, the Pats game was a real hard one for Favre. When you don't even know your own playbook, how are you going to deal with that Pats rubix cube? Not well.

Dan Leberfeld is a host on SIRIUS NFL radio and covers the Jets for Jets Confidential Magazine

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