Ask Adam: Are There Solutions Out There?

The Fans have asked: Is Matt Cassel the only option for the Patriots? Can Derek Anderson can be had for the right price? Are there more teams going to run the Miami Dolphins "Wildcat" style offense? And what's the biggest problem with the Patriots defense? Questions like these answered by SIRIUS NFL Radio host Adam Caplan.

Each Week readers can ask our experts about the team, the NFL, opponents or whatever is on their mind. This week, Adam Caplan of Sirius NFL Radio and senior NFL Reporter for stopped by the Insider's Lounge to address fans questions. Here are Adam's answers including those to some questions that were sent in via email, or from our MySpace friends.

Question: Rumor has it the Patriots are looking to acquire a veteran QB because of Brady's injury. What QB's do you think they may be interested in?

Caplan: They actually seem content for the moment to go with Cassel. There's really nothing out there left in free agency that would give them any real depth at the position.

QBs that could be available for trade: A.J. Feeley-Philadelphia Eagles, Brooks Bollinger-Dallas Cowboys, and Jeff Garcia-Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Q: If Matt Cassel continues to lose games, with the Patriots replace him with one of the quarterbacks on the roster or will they sign someone like Daunte Culpepper.

Caplan: I get the impression that they don't believe Culpepper is the answer. He may not be a good fit for their offense.

Q: Is Jeff Garcia available for trade now that the Buccaneers look like they've gone with Brian Griese?

Caplan: Tampa Bay would like to deal him but Garcia doesn't have a good arm and the Patriots run a down field passing game.

Q: The offensive line for the Patriots looks terrible. They [the team] haven't done anything about it since the Super Bowl when the Giants destroyed Tom Brady. Nick Kaczur looks especially bad. Are there any right tackles out there right now that can help the Patriots? Or are there any that might be available for a trade?

Caplan: There are some right tackles that they could deal for but none are starters.

Q: The Miami Dolphins offense looked bad against the Jets and the Cardinals, then they put up 38 points against the Patriots. Are the Dolphins that good or is the Patriots defense that bad?

Caplan: I think that the Patriot defense really has gotten old and their secondary also isn't what it once was. They need Richard Seymour to return to his dominant play of a few years ago.

Q: Why are the Patriots signing offensive players [Kyle Eckel, Maurice Price] when the defense is where they have the biggest problems?

Caplan: There isn't really much left in free agency on the offensive or defensive side of the ball. They're kind of stuck with what they have. We'll look at some possible trade scenarios as we get closer to the trading deadline.

Q: Laurence Maroney has been a disappointment since being drafted by the Patriots. The team got rid of Chad Jackson who was a bust. How serious is the injury to Laurence Maroney, and will he lose his job if he struggles when he does return?

Caplan: His shoulder isn't serious but it's clear that the coaching staff doesn't believe he's a true feature back. I say that based on the amount of carries he gets each game and how much they use Sammy Morris. Morris is a more decisive runner and he's also more versatile.

Q: The Patriots brought in six defensive backs for a look this week. The secondary looked terrible against Miami. Are they going to sign another defensive back, or was that just to see who's out there? If they do sign one, who will he replace?

Caplan: Again, there's little out there at cornerback left in free agency who can help them. Even if they signed Ty Law, he would only be a nickel back.

Q: If Brady Quinn gets the job in Cleveland, will the Browns consider a trade for Derek Anderson?

Caplan: They certainly could do that since Anderson has a $5 million roster bonus due in March. Anderson certainly would be a good fit for the Patriot passing game. And he has a reasonable base salary ($950,000) for this season (they would only have to pay his prorated salary by the amount of weeks were left in the season at the time they acquired him).

Q: Is Josh McDaniels overrated? The playcalling for the Patriots is terrible. Everything they run looks like the defense knows what it will be. How much of that is McDaniels fault and how much is the players not doing their job?

Caplan: I wouldn't say the play calling is terrible. What I would say is they have to be willing to open up the passing game a bit. Once they do that, they'll get Moss more involved down field. Once that's achieved, that will open up more opportunities for Wes Welker underneath, much like last season.

Q: CBS showed clips of Randy Moss loafing through plays prior to the Dolphins game. Is Moss taking plays off, or (as some others have said ) he's just trying to lull the defense to sleep?

Caplan: It was actually Charley Casserly, but Moss tends to drift during games if he's not involved.

Q: How good are the Buffalo Bills, and will they win the AFC East?

Caplan: I don't think they've played a tough schedule so far but they're finding a way to win which wasn't something they did well last season. They have a very balanced offense and they don't make many mistakes on either side of the ball.

Q: The Dolphins had 5 touchdowns against the pats using a spread offense with Ronnie Brown taking direct snaps. New England couldn't stop it even after they knew it was coming. Are other teams going to run that college style offense. Do you think it will work?

Caplan: The "Wild Cat" formation caught the Patriots by surprise. There's no way they could have seen that coming but you would think they would have found a way to adjust to it. I don't think other teams will be that surprised by it now.

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