The Complete Power Rankings Week 14

The final 4 weeks are upon us and things couldn't get any tighter in the AFC West or NFC South. But, the real question on our minds is this: Will both Super Bowl teams from the previous season fail to make the playoffs?<p>

1. Philadelphia - They have the heart to go all the way, but they still need a healthy McNabb.

2. Atlanta - Let's see if teams figure out Michael Vick next year ‘cause it's not going to happen this year.

3. Oakland - This team looks ready to go deep - If the Viagra holds up…no pun intended.

4. Green Bay - They win the division (yawn). But can they beat the top teams in the NFC?

5. Tampa Bay - The defense started strong but couldn't get the back to the offense late in the game.

6. Pittsburgh - The defense scares only small children and puppies.

7. Indianapolis - Suddenly the hottest team in the AFC.

8. New England - Sloppy, Sloppy, Sloppy win on Thanksgiving. Did I mention it was a sloppy win?

9. Miami - The defense seems to be tiring. That's nothing new in December for the Fish.

10. San Diego - LaDanian Tomlinson tore apart the No. 2 rushing defense in the league. I should have picked him in my roto league when I had the chance. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

11. San Francisco - Another good team wins a sloppy game, although Garrison Hearst had a career day in touchdowns.

12. New Orleans - Amazingly they can still win the division even though they haven't beaten the Falcons.

13. Denver - Sorry Titan fans. They're a better team…on paper.

14. Tennessee - I just don't think this team really will compete far into the playoffs, although they've beaten some of the best teams this year.

15. NY Jets - The Jets in a do or die game this weekend against the Broncos.

16. Baltimore - Hanging around. This all I can say. Just hanging around.

17. Buffalo - Big win. But too little too late.

18. Cleveland - Loss to the Panthers made the big upset in New Orleans a moot point.

19. NY Giants - They had their chances. But in the end the demise will cost Jim Fassel his job.

20. St. Louis - Folks, the quarterback controversy is just beginning.

21. Kansas City - The perfect spoiler for the AFC West race.

22. Carolina - Bill Cowher's sending the team a Christmas card for the gift on Sunday.

23. Jacksonville - Best Tom Coughlin moment I've ever seen after Reed's 50-yarder.

24. Washington - Steve Spurrier admits that the season is going nowhere. His first phone call in the off-season is to Joe Thiesmann.

25. Seattle - Ran out of time against the Niners in a gutsy outing.

26. Dallas - Wins. Let's move on, nothing to see here.

27. Chicago - Limping towards the finish line.

28. Arizona - Why on earth did I ever think this team was playoff material?

29. Houston - Kris Brown gets a chance to kick one down the throats of every Steeler fan.

30. Minnesota - Just the most recent team to be bitten by the curse of Michael Vick.

31. Detroit - Bye Marty. It's been fun, but when it's 4th down in overtime, never, ever take the penalty.

32. Cincinnati - That kickoff blunder was just the Bungal we've come to expect.

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