Patriots-Chargers: Game Balls & Goats

Looking for a reason to vent your anger at tonight's 30-10 loss to the San Diego Chargers? Share your game balls and goats with our staff who already know who was at fault for tonight's blowout in San Diego. Didn't see it coming? Then you didn't read Jon Scott's 5 reasons. He called it hours before kickoff. Now read out Game balls and Goats or share your own.

Given by the fans for the fans… maybe the players could learn something here.


1) Sammy Morris – Hard running, tons of effort, selling out on every play. Even when it was hopeless, Morris gave it his all. It’s one reason fans love the guy. He’s a player, for the good and the bad. He doesn’t take plays off because we would know. Although he gained just 26 yards on 10 carries, it wasn’t’ due to lack of effort.

2) Wes Welker – playing hard through every snap. Welker led the team in receiving because he made a play on the ball EVERY time it was near him. Welker finished with 9 receptions for 73 yards.

3) Kevin Faulk – Mr. Versatile. Faulk actually led all rushers with 8 carries for 48 yards. Some of that came when the game was out of hand.

Honorable Mentions:
None other than Sna Diego for being prepared better than a woeful New England team.


1) Josh McDaniels – the Patriots offensive coordinator better get a new set of formations before next week. When the announcer, the people in the bar and even those watching from home can call the play out before the snap, that’s trouble. Sure, you might think the Patriots were one-dimensional, but this came in the first quarter. There’s no excuse. McDaniels better get some new plays or the Patriots are looking at their first losing season since before Belichick.

2) Randy Moss – Two plays get Moss the goat. He could have jumped on that throw from Cassel in the first quarter that was broken up on the sideline. We’ve seen him do it plenty of times, but not tonight. Then less than a quarter of action later, Moss did the exact same thing, NOT jumping for a ball and waiting for it to land in his hands. Mos did some nice things in this game, but it looks a lot like the Randy from Oakland is starting to show up in these games.

3) Matt Cassel – Inexperience is the likely candidate for blame, but Cassel; missed so many opportunities tonight, the Patriots couldn’t win with him at the helm. Either he learns to throw the deep ball better to Moss, or he’ll never be able to shake the stigma of being “just a backup.” Cassel threw the ball behind and at the feet of open receivers throughout the night. He also missed wide-open opportunities that Brady would never have missed. He does get credit fro being tough, but not wise with his decisions.

Dishonorable mentions:
Deltha O’Neal – He was abused tonight for multiple long plays which chaged the tide of the game. until O’Neal proves he can defend those passes, the Patriots are susceptible to every deep pass in the opponent’s arsenal.

Bill Belichick – how many times does he have to play the Chargers to know that it takes pressure on Rivers to disrupt his game. the Game plan was to avoid the big play… mission a failure. Belichick didn’t just disappoint the defense; he let down the offense as well. New England had to know that it faced, yet it fell flat on it’s face on Sunday. Is Belichick really just a success because of Tom Brady. Each Loss seems to reinforce that point.

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