Team Issues Another Statement On Brady

In an effort to contain the speculation surround the continuing issue of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's recovery, the New England Patriots issued a statement to correct what they believed to be an erroneous report.

Tom Brady is continuing to fight an infection in his surgically repaired knee. According to a report in the Boston Herald citing an unnamed source close to the situation, that fight is not going as well as planned. Brady underwent surgery to repair a torn ACL, but infection set in post-op. The Patriots quarterback required a second surgery, which he said, went well.

According to the Herald report, the infection persists, and Brady has been placed on a regimen of antibiotics, but also required two more procedures on his repaired knee. If the caregivers treating Brady cannot get the infection under control soon, the result could jeopardize the initial surgery to graft a ligament onto the knee in the first place.

According to an ESPN report, Brady's surgery has left the status of the initial operation in doubt due to infection. ESPN claims that a source informed the network that the team is upset with Brady for choosing to have the initial surgery in LA rather than in Boston as specified by the team.

The problem with the ESPN report is that according to the Patriots, it's untrue.

ESPN Wrote:

"The Patriots, as an organization, are upset with the situation because they were clear that they wanted Brady's surgery done under the direction of doctors of their choosing in Boston, sources told ESPN.

"Instead, Brady opted to have the surgery in California by a doctor his family preferred, and now there are major problems. Brady was supposed to be back in New England by now, but a timeline for his return remains unclear."

The Patriots felt it was necessary to clear the air with the report and issued their own statement this evening.

"Today, ESPN cited an unnamed source who supposedly expressed the feelings of the Patriots 'organization.' This unsubstantiated report does not represent the team's views whatsoever. We have supported Tom Brady one hundred percent from day one of this process and will continue to do so. We issued a statement last Saturday expressing our complete organizational support for Tom. That support includes all aspects of the process. Unfortunately, our statement was not mentioned or referenced in ESPN's report. Today, we reiterate our total support for Tom as he recovers from his injury."

While it might be easy to draw the conclusion that the team is upset at the results, taking the opportunity to state the team is upset with Brady set off alarm bells in New England.

The Brady report is the second report by ESPN to come under fire this week. Reports surfaced earlier this week concerning an ESPN internal memo that warned staffers not to report on's Jay Glazer's Brett Favre report. In Glazer's story, he reported that Favre spoke to the Detroit Lions before their game against the Packers The website called out ESPN on the failure to report Glazer's story citing possible competitive differences.

The Brady story at ESPN was published under the byline of news services. The title was: " Brady has more procedures for infection; Pats upset with situation"

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