Patriots - Colts: Game Balls & Goats

The New England Patriots lost a squeaker 18-15 against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday Night. Why? You tell us,... we blame poor coaching decisions, but are willing to listen to other reasons. Share your Game Balls and Goats for tonight...

Game Balls & Goats

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Anything goes, from officials, to coaching, to the stadium or TV Coverage...


1) Wes Welker -- another 6 catch game making him one of only 2 players to start the first 8 games of the season with at least 6 catches. Welker tied the NFL record for most games with six or more receptions to begin a season Jaguars receiver Jimmy Smith held the record before sharing the honor with Welker.

2) Kevin Faulk -- 6 runs for 60 yards (6.0 avg.) and 5 receptions for 38 yards (7.6 avg.). Faulk kept the chains moving, made ruins when the team needed them, and catches when they had to have them. Faulk is the new " Mr. Versatile" taking up the mantle for Troy Brown.

3) Jerod Mayo -- 11 tackles on the night with 1 pass defense. Mayo was very active, reducing the role of Dallas Clark in this game as well as filling th e gaps against the run.

Honorable Mentions:
QB Matt Cassel -- Stayed true to his game plan, not trying to over do things. He missed some relatively easy reads to the opposite side, but kept the team in the game right down to the end. Couple of overthrows could have made it close.. almost nullifying any accolades here Still, solid play by Cassel. Encouraging progress.

Broadcast crew -- Al Michaels and John Madden. Light years ahead of ESPN. We actually left the sound on tonight. Well done fellas

LB Gary Guyton -- played a significant amount of time in the Patriots main defense. Tried to cover middle routes including Colts TE Dallas Clark. Did well.

WR Kelley Washington -- solid special teams play will keep Washington around this team for a long time. Excellent kick coverage.


1) Josh McDaniels -- It's either McDaniels or Cassel. One of the two get the blame for not throwing deep to Moss when the defender gave him all the room in the world. The Patriots have failed to take advantage of Moss' unique skill set reducing him to the role of a possession receiver. There's no excuse not to test the water. By the time the offense tried to go deep to Moss, he was double covered. Maybe that happened all night, but Brady hit Moss when he was doubled.. why not Cassel? Game Plan allowed Colts to hide their weaknesses

2) Bill Belichick -- Went conservative too early. Challenge on a play with severely limited upside coast a time out they needed late. 2-point attempt way too early changed the dynamic of the game. Romeo Crennel did something similar today. He's likely looking for a new job next year. Colts game was very uncharacteristic of Belichick.

3) Jabar Gaffney -- that one missed catch could have turned the entire game around. If it was high, it might be understandable, but it wasn't, so he gets the goat despite some solid play at other points of the game.

Dishonorable Mentions:
TE David Thomas -- bad move at the end of a play when it made NO difference whether he hit the guy or not. Cost the team 15 yards when they needed it most.

DBs Terrence Wheatley / Jonathan Wilhite -- one breakup on a ball that was a bit high for Marvin Harrison and then he was hurt (out for the game). He was burned on what looked like a pick play early on that resulted in a big gain. Wilhite suffered a similar fate. Rookie corners still have a long way to go, despite fixing some of their issues later in the game.

S James Sanders -- weak tackling technique allowed for another easy first down on an out route. Safety struggling in coverage on faster receivers.

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