Titans Not As Sexy As Patriots

Each time a teams goes undefeated through the first half of the season the media begins to focus on the "undefeated season" of the Miami Dolphins. The New England Patriots had their historic run just one season ago under a massive media swarm. So why aren't the Titans getting their due?

When the Patriots reached their Week 10 bye undefeated last season, the national media circus began a full-court press that would last three months.

Like New England this time last year, Tennessee enters Week 11 with a spotless record. But ESPN hasn't placed a reporter on the scene in Nashville full-time, national radio isn't frothing at the mouth discussing the odds of the Titans going undefeated and we haven't heard a peep from Mercury Morris.

In fact, most experts still consider the Giants the best team in the NFL despite the Titans' 9-0 record.

So why the lack of respect for the Titans' unblemished record into the second half of the regular season? After all, they've won a franchise-record 12 consecutive games and are one win from becoming just the 11th team since 1970 (less than one percent) to reach 10-0.

The broad level answer is no one believes Tennessee can go undefeated. Heck, most aren't sure they're even heavy favorites to win the AFC title.

On a deeper level, it's because the Titans aren't sexy. They don't have a prolific offense operated by a quarterback who dates supermodels. They don't have a prima donna wide receiver who has done an attitudinal about-face while shattering records. And they don't have a coach everyone loves to hate but feels obligated to respect.

No Spygate. No paparazzi following the quarterback through Manhattan.

The Titans are, let's say it, boring. They run the ball and they stop the run. Quarterback Kerry Collins throws as much as he needs to just to get the job done. And coach Jeff Fisher goes about his weekly business with about as much fanfare as an accountant in August.

Oh, and they reside in Nashville.

At the end of the day, that trumps everything else. Move the Titans to the Northeast and you'd be inundated with media coverage about everything from the 35-year-old quarterback now years removed from his alcohol problems and the freakishly talented defensive tackle who has dealt with anger management to become the most disruptive defensive force in the NFL.

Fisher? He'd be routinely hailed as the best coach in the league for his ability to be at the top, go through a massive overhaul and rebuild a winner. How about the fastest running back in the league - a rookie out of East Carolina.

You'll hear all those stories in time, but not with the fervor of a team in a major media market.

Will the Titans go undefeated? Highly unlikely. But if they get by Jacksonville and the Jets the next two weeks, they have a pretty soft schedule until closing against Pittsburgh and Indianapolis.

If they somehow get to mid-December still unscathed in the standings, maybe NBC will even pick up one of those final two head-bangers as part of its Flex schedule.

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