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The Complete Power Rankings Week 15

It's looking like the AFC champion must go through Oakland. Something tells me Rich Gannon won't end up underneath any defensive lineman nicknamed "The Goose", therefore the Raiders look to be the pick. I'm still hanging with the Pack in the NFC, but the Eagles have more heart and grit than any team playing this year. AND they're the No. 1 team this week.<p>

1. Philadelphia - Swatted away the Seahawks. Just biding time till the playoffs.

2. Oakland - Remember when they lost 4 in a row? Me neither.

3. Green Bay - Should beat San Francisco this weekend to grab control of the No. 3 seed.

4. Tampa Bay - They sure shut Vick up quick. Hey I rhymed.

5. New England - They win and still get Miami at home. Oh things are good in Beantown.

6. San Francisco - Another good team wins a sloppy game, although Garrison Hearst had a career day in touchdowns.

7. Miami - Big game hosting Oakland. Too bad they'll probably travel to the "Black Hole" in January.

8. New Orleans - Two blocked punts and a whole lot of defense. That was the game last week.

9. NY Jets - They may just inch their way in.

10. Tennessee - "Good" Steve McNair showed up last week. I guess this week is "Bad" Steve McNair's turn.

11. Kansas City - They'd beat all of the AFC North and most of the NFC at this point.

12. San Diego - If the playoffs started today, they'd be in, but just barely. How quickly things turn in the West.

13. Atlanta - Why move them so far down? Until Vick shuts his mouth, the Falcons will pay for any loss.

14. Indianapolis - Peyton Manning's reunion turns sour.

15. Denver - If it were any other division they'd be sitting pretty.

16. Pittsburgh - Definition of "Any Given Sunday".

17. Cleveland - Playoffs could really come down to that Helmet-throw.

18. NY Giants - Trying their best to stay alive.

19. Baltimore - The Ravens won more games than most expected and still are contenders for the division.

20. Buffalo - Someday Drew Bledsoe will beat the Patriots. Someday.

21. St. Louis - The Rams can officially begin the reconstruction.

22. Carolina - The Panthers are catching the Steelers at the right time.

23. Jacksonville - Will someone please fire Tom Coughlin? The Jags need a change of scenery.

24. Washington - Officially eliminated. Spurrier calls Orange Bowl officials to see if the Redskins can be invited.

25. Seattle - Ran out of time against the Eagles in a gutsy outing.

26. Dallas - Remember when Dallas-San Francisco was THE game of the year?

27. Houston - I'll move them up a little, but remember they only got 46 yards of total offense.

28. Chicago - Should take a QB in the first round…but will probably stick with Miller.

29. Arizona - Phoenix has a pro football team, but Oklahoma doesn't? Why not?

30. Minnesota - What a sad sorry state of a team. But, I hope Red doesn't move them.

31. Detroit - Oh what they'd give for Barry Sanders and a healthy Herman Moore.

32. Cincinnati - No one expected the Bengals to be this bad. But no one is surprised.

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