Patriots - Seahawks: Pats Win 24-21

New England Patriots @ Seattle Seahawks. Game updates and fan interaction. The game just went final. New England 24 - Seattle 21. A key blitz by the Patriots crushed any hope Seattle had of a comeback when New England recovered the fumble.

The New England Patriots travel to Seattle to take on the Seattle Seahawks at Qwest Field.


Patriots Move into tie for First place in the Division. The New York Jets lost to the San Francisco 49ers Sunday, allowing New England to move up into a tie at 8-5 on the season. There is now a three-way tie atop the AFC East with Miami, New England and New York all at 8-5.

Sack, Fumble, Game
Patriots' defensive coordinator Dean Pees was on the sidelines today, and it seemed to help as he was able to communicate his defensive adjustments immediately to the players as they came off the field. Pees called numerous blitzes for the Patriots defense which has been woefully lacking in dialing up the pressure. Hits by corners played a factor in the game as Lewis Sanders flattened Seneca Wallace on a failed third down attempt in the first half and Brandon Meriweather shot the gap to sack Wallace and force a fumble in the final drive. Richard Seymour, who beat his own man, fell on the ball to secure the win. Three kneel downs and the game was over.
Seahawks 21 - Patriots 24

Touchdown New England:
To start your come from behind drive off with a 4-yard sack is never a good thing, but Matt Cassel and the offense found a way to get things rolling. A 9-yard scramble on the next play made a manageable third down opportunity. New England went 71 yards on a 14-play drive to take the lead for the first time in the game. Too many key plays to highlight, but here are a few: Cassel to Jabar Gaffney over the middle for 5 yards on a third and 4 at the Seattle 49. Cassel to Wes Welker for 13 yards on a third and 10. Sammy Morris up the middle on fourth and goal from the one. Wes Welker tacked on a 2-point conversion to ensure a tie if Seattle managed to make it to field goal range.
Seahawks 21 - Patriots 24

Seahawks Punt:
Seattle's offense stalled and gave the ball back to the Patriots. This could be trouble if the Patriots can find a way to get back into the end zone.

Fourth Quarter

Patriots Field Goal
New England rallied for a field goal after their drive stalled out at the Seattle 9. The Patriots were fortunate to even be in position to score after converting on two long third down plays. The first was a lob pass from Cassel to Wes Welker on third and 10 from the Patriots 23. The Second was a 13-yard completion on third and 7 from the Seattle 46. The third was a deep pass form Cassel to Randy Moss on third and 7. A bad throw away by Cassel at the 9 on what could have been a back shoulder throw might have given Moss a chance to score.
Seahawks 21 - Patriots 16

Sanders Not On The Field
Safety James Sanders has not been on the field, his return is listed as questionable. Reportedly he has a rib injury.

Third Quarter Update:

Seahawks Score Again
On the back of Branch's catch and run, Senada Wallas lobbed a floater to Branch for a Touchdown. Branch beat Ellis Hobbs for the score, but it was very tight coverage and a great catch by Branch.
Seahawks 21 - Patriots 13

Wild Play Challenge Ineffective
On a wild ad-lib run after the catch, former Patriot Deion Branch gained 63 yards on a 1st and 20. He crisscrossed the field picking up blocks a number of times. Le Kevin Smith continues to apply pressure but miss the tackle when he needs to get his man. The Patriots challenged the play claiming Branch stepped out of bounds, but there wasn't enough evidence to overturn the call on the field. New England just lost their first time out. This could be crucial by the end of the game when crowd noise and a need ot come from behind may be obstacles for the Patriots.

Patriots Close The Lead
A 42-yard field goal by Stephen Gostkowski closes the lead to one point. New England could have more success if they just run the ball. LaMont Jordan is averaging 5 yards per carry while Sammy Morris is hitting the ground for nearly 4 yards at a clip.
Seahawks 14 - Patriots 13

The Patriots cannot get off the field on third down, but they did limit the damage Seattle was able to do by the half. They climbed back in the game with the second quarter touchdown, but injuries are a concern.

Seattle leads 14 - 10

Injuy Bug Bites again
Mike Vrabel and Vince Wilfork have left the game. Vrabel is back, but Wilfork is out. Tedy Bruschi has been replaced by Junior Seau.

Teams Trade Punts
the Patriots finally forced a punt by Seattle. It's their first of the game. The banged up defense held Seattle to just 13 yards on 7 plays. Patriots offense stalls out at the 47, and Chris Hanson shanked the punt.

Patriots Score
It didn't take long. Matt Cassel hit Ben Watson in the back of the End zone to close the lead by Seattle. Key plays, a QB sneak on third and 2, which gained 3 yards and a pass interference on Marcus Trufant at the Seattle 2 on second down. The play to Watson Cassel had plenty of time to find his receivers as he surveyed the field. Watson did a dumb thing tucking the ball in his jersey, which incurred a 15-yard penalty.
Seahawks 14 - Patriots 10

Big Return By Hobbs
Ellis Hobbs just turned in a 55 yard return to get the Patriots into Seattle territory. It was the longest return for Hobbs in a while.

Seahawks Second Touchdown:
This game can get out of hand really quickly. The Seahawks have had no trouble converting on third down. More trouble for New England on the injury front, Tedy Bruschi had his knee hit by a teammate and is out of the game. his return is questionable. The Seahawks marched 74 yards on 9 plays in a little over 3 minutes to push the lead to double digits. Key plays a 5 yard pass on third down at the Seattle 45, a 21-yard completion to TE John Carlton and an 11-yard scramble.
Seahawks 14 - Patriots 3

Patriots Field Goal:
A 9-play 48-yard drive and the Patriots are on the board. New England marched down the field until they stalled out at the 32. Stephen Gostkowski hits on a 50-yard kick, his longest of the season.
Seahawks 7 - Patriots 3

Seahawks Touchdown:
Seattle's first possession was much more impressive than New England's supposed top offense. 13 plays, 87 yards later Seneca Wallace hist former Patriot Deion Branch at the pylon for a 7-0 lead. Key plays, a Seneca Wallace scramble for 13 yards and two key third down conversions. With a solid balance of run and pass, the Seahawks looked to have no trouble marching down the field.
Seahawks 7 - Patriots 0

Patriots Punt:
The first drive wasn't as easy as advertised for these Patriots. 6 plays and a punt from ther own 34.

Opening Kickoff:
The Seahawks won the coin toss, but elected to kick, which means though the PAtriots get the ball first, Seattle will have the ball to start the second half, when possessions are more critical.

First kickoff return not so good. Ellis Hobbs stuffed inside the New England 20. Where did all those long returns go?


The Patriots are at Seattle today in what is expected to be wet conditions. The last wet condition game the Patriots were blasted by the Pittsburgh Steelers as turnovers, dropped passes and fumbles hurt them.

Inactives for both teams:

OT Wesley Britt
LB Vince Redd
TE David Thomas
WR Kelley Washington
DE Ty Warren
LB Pierre Woods
OG Billy Yates
QB Matt Gutierrez (3rd quarterback)

DL Red Bryant
K Brandon Coutu
OT Na'Shan Goddard
LB Leroy Hill
OT Walter Jones
DE Barandon Miller
DB CJ Wallace
QB Matt Hasselbeck (3rd quarterback)

Analysis: For the Patriots, both Rosevelt Colvin and Junior Seau will be available for the game, which is a big deal for a team lacking healthy linebacker. Losing Ty Warren will hurt the Patriots pass rush, it will be up to Mike Wright and Jarvis Green to make something happen.

For Seattle, the move to Wallace is an indication that Hasselbeck really isn't healthy enough to start. Wallace offers better versatility. Losing Walter Jones will hamper the protection for Wallace, but only if New England finds a way to exploit that matchup.

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