AFC Playoff Scenarios: Final Week

The Patriots and the Jets need help, but the Chargers, Broncos, Dolphins and Ravens control their own destiny. Who gets in and how: week 17 playoff scenarios

Playoff Scenarios

The battle for the division title in the AFC East has come down to the final week of play. In a mixed up kind of way, only Buffalo will not have a chance to play for a postseason appearance, but their involvement on Sunday may help determine who does or doesn't get into the playoffs.

The Jets, Dolphins and Patriots enter week 17 each with a chance to win the AFC East division. Though the Jets lost to the Seahawks on Sunday, dropping one game back, they can still win it all. Who could ask for anything more in the final week.

Here are the standings if the season ended today:

Division Leaders
Tennessee Titans (13-2) -x
Pittsburgh Steelers (11-4) -y
AFC East: Miami Dolphins (10-5)
AFC West: Denver Broncos (8-7)

Indianapolis Colts (11-4)*
Baltimore Ravens (10-5)

Still In Contention:
New England Patriots (10-5)
New York Jets (9-6)
San Diego Chargers (7-8)

x - The Titans have secured homefield throughout the playoffs and a first round bye
y - The Pittsburgh Steelers have homefield and a first round Bye
* - The Indianapolis Colts have secured a wildcard spot

AFC West:
Broncos @ San Diego
If the Chargers win, they win the division. If the Broncos win, they're division champs. The loser is out.

AFC East:
This is by far the most interesting scenario left.

Dolphins @ Jets
Miami wins the Division with a win.
New York the division with a win and a Patriots loss
New England @ Buffalo
New England wins the division with a win and a Miami loss.

The Ravens get the wildcard if they win, or both the Patriots and Jets lose.
The Jets get the wildcard if they win and the Ravens lose
The Patriots get the wildcard if they win, Miami wins and Baltimore loses.

Which AFC East Team(s) will make the playoffs?

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