Scott Pioli Job Search Tracker: Final Entry

The Pioli Tracker has plenty of updates from around the network. Wed Night 1/14 Scott Pioli was officially announced as the new head of football operations by the Kansas City Chiefs. For more behind the scenes details, check the latest updates in the lounge.

Latest Update 1/15/09: Scott Pioli has officially joined the Kansas City Chiefs. Pioli held a news conference on Wednesday evening. HE described his philosophy and how it will be implemented in Kansas City. “My job is not to collect talent, but to build a team,’’ he said. “Individuals make the Pro Bowl. Teams win championships. That is our goal.” For more on Pioli's press conference, check Warpaint Illustrated or the Newswire.

PatriotsInsider has some more unpublished details from behind the scenes prior to the hire. What you haven't read elsewhere... To learn more about those developments check the latest updates in the lounge (in)

New England Patriots VP of Player Personnel Scott Pioli has apparently made his decision to leave the New England Patriots and take a position with the Kansas City Chiefs. Follow the updates here in the Patriots Insider Tracker. Also check the NEWSWIRE for recent updates by other media outlets.

1/3/09: Mangini's stock is on the rise in Cleveland. A new GM candidate emerges in Cleveland as well. Kansas City's owner has a new idea on what to do with Pioli?

1/4/09: Pioli May be losing his appeal as a candidate. Browns considering new options, Kansas City also looking not to miss out on their shot at Pioli as GM.

1/5/09: Kansas City gets to take their shot at landing Pioli. New GM Candidates enter the mix. One league source tells insiders what he thinks of the Browns candidates... and not all of it is flattering.

1/6/09 Rumors that Bill Parcells may opt out of Miami could sway teams vying for Pioli. More speculation on where and when the GM search will end? Check the Newswire and the lounge

1/7/08: the Browns have made it clear, head coach first and GM second. Randy Lerner believes Eric Mangini can be his Bill Belichick. What works in New England -- a coach before GM -- is what Lerner believes will work in Cleveland. What does this mean for the Browns' quest to land Scott Pioli? If you believe the volume of owner source leaks to the media, it looks like a lot of saving face efforts by the head man.

1/8/09- Eric Mangini agrees to a 4-year deal in Cleveland, which prompts the Browns to pursue Tom Heckert and George Kokonis as their GM candidates. Pioli is believed to be out of the picture in Cleveland, but developments in Kansas City seem to have changed. Is it a done deal in Kansas City? Conflicting account of reports thet it's a done deal continue to cloud the issue. Check the lounge for the latest udpate 1/8 afternoon (get the latest)

1/8/09: Pioli to Kansas City is a done deal according to two sources [EDIT: Should read 2 reports]. Here's the update (in)

1/9/09: Pioli is not yet a done deal. Reports indicating the offer was made remain unconfirmed, but unlikely from what we're hearing. Reaction to a Boston radio interview of an NFL anlayst's speculation can be found in the lounge. Insider update from Kansas City connection: Compensation required may not be as be as high as initially reported. Pioli may be offered less than the $5 million number it will reportedly take to lure him away from New England.

1/10/09: The Newswire has a story about Browns owner Randy Lerner, who says ''We talked for hours about football organizations,'' Lerner said. ''Money never came into the conversation with Scott.'' Lerner went on to dispel the notion that Pioli wanted too much. ''That's completely and utterly untrue.'' Lerner also throws new names for the Browns vacant GM position into the mix.

TheOBR (in) has an update on why Mangini was hired and what league sources are saying about the move to hire a head coach before a GM.

1/11/09: The Boston Globe reports the Chiefs and the Scott Pioli are closing in on an agreement. The report confirms what Warpaint Illustrated has been telling readers for the past week. Word out of other sources confirm the news. Both sides may be closing in on a possible agreement. With the Senior Bowl looming, it's important for a resolution to the situation so new staff can be in place to start the scouting process.

  1/12/09: Warpaint Illustrated addressed two developments in the Pioli situation late last night. They also shed light on one of the rumors reportedly stemming from a SIRUS NFL Radio report. See the update in the lounge (in)

Tues Afternoon A source confirms that Scott Pioli will become the Chiefs new head man of football operations. Multiple media outlets now reporting similar news to a report by Warpaint Illustrated early Tuesday. ESPN and the National Football Post have also reported Pioli's acceptance of the job in KC.

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