The Complete Power Rankings Week 16

Philadelphia continues to lead the Power Rankings. Meanwhile, Tennessee moves up 4 slots with an impressive win over New England on Monday night.<p>

1. Philadelphia - This team may be destined to win it all with everything they've gone through. Sounds like Pittsburgh last year.

2. Green Bay - Now they're rooting for Tampa Bay to be upset this week. It's all about that bye.

3. Tampa Bay - Their last big test before the playoffs is this Monday night.

4. Miami - Miami may have impressive wins on their resume - Oakland, Denver, New England, San Diego, but if they don't run well, they won't go anywhere.

5. Oakland - Did you see Star Trek Nemesis? If Oakland is Chinzon, Denver is Picard.

6. Tennessee - Pounded the Pats into submission by half time.

7. San Francisco - The Niners won't go to the Super Bowl if they have to play the Packers in the playoffs.

8. Indianapolis - Huge comeback win against Cleveland.

9. New England - Wouldn't be in the playoffs if they started today.

10. Pittsburgh - The Steelers offense doesn't look confident, but at least the defense didn't get that memo.

11. New Orleans - The Vikings just made the NFC wild card race interesting.

12. San Diego - High-water game may have been against Denver. It's been rocky since then.

13. Denver - Right now they'd be in as the last wild-card. Somewhere Jason "The Bronco Fan" is smiling.

14. Atlanta - The Clark Kent version of Vick needs stay home for this team to have any chance…

15. NY Giants - …because watch out, here come the Giants. They win their last two and they just might be in.

16. Baltimore - Brian Billick for Coach of the Year? Not as crazy as it sounds.

17. NY Jets - In New York, they're calling for Pennington's head. He's about the only Jet that played well on Sunday.

18. Buffalo - Watch out for the Bills…next year.

19. Kansas City - Even without Priest Holmes the Chiefs almost had enough offense to beat the Broncos.

20. Cleveland - Lost their chance. Lost at home. Just plain lost.

21. St. Louis - Held off the Arizona Cardinals…last year's squad would have annihilated the Cards.

22. Seattle - How did Seattle win this game? Only Houston over Pittsburgh makes less sense.

23. Jacksonville - If Tom Coughlin's in Jacksonville next season, the Jaguars will again suffer from mediocrity.

24. Carolina - Now that is the Rodney Peete we've grown to love.

25. Minnesota - What a fine line to tread. Tice gambles and wins; he's got guts. If he gambles and loses, he's gutless.

26. Washington - Even A. J. Feeley is better than any of the bozos Spurrier has.

27. Chicago - Bears win. Bears win. Thaaaaaaaaa Bears win. Oops wrong town. Wrong team.

28. Dallas - Jerry, your Boys gave up. I've never seen your Boys give up until Sunday.

29. Houston - I'll move them up a little, but remember they only got 46 yards of total offense.

30. Arizona - Phoenix has a pro football team, but Oklahoma doesn't? Why not?

31. Detroit - This type of Marty-ball really stinks.

32. Cincinnati - Bungle Bells. Bungle Bells. Bungle All The Way.

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