Patriots Make List Of 10 Worst

The New England Patriots are well known for their Super Bowl success. Did you know that they are among the teams nominated for some of the worst Super Bowl teams in history?

Patriots Make List of 10 Worst

Top ten lists are always a good source of information for a healthy debate. That's exactly what a recent Grand Rapids Press story has done with a list of the ten worst Super Bowl teams. Citing an Internet site's list of top ten worst teams, the article raises a good point; this year's Super Bowl will feature a 9-win team from the NFC.

Nine-win teams are not uncommon in the NFL playoffs. But a nine-win team in the Championship game is very rare indeed. According to the AP, the NFC has never had a nine-win team reach the championship game. The last time a nine-win team made the Super bowl was 1967.

So Sunday's game between the Arizona Cardinals (9-7 in the regular season) and the Philadelphia Eagles (9-6-1) guarantees that one team with a nine-win season will appear in this year's Super Bowl. Which raises a good point. Are these teams bad, or do they just have bad records?

Here is the Top 10 according to the article:

10. 2002 Oakland Raiders
9. 1985 New England Patriots
8. 1988 Cincinnati Bengals
7. 2007 New York Giants
6. 1992 Buffalo Bills
5. 2003 Carolina Panthers
4. 2000 New York Giants
3. 1987 Denver Broncos
2. 1994 San Diego Chargers
1. 1979 Los Angeles Rams

One omission to this list which could justify it's addition based on a horrible celebration dance is the 1998 Atlanta Falcons. Though Atlanta made it through the season with a 14-2 record, watching Dan Reeves do the "Dirty Bird," still creeps us out.

Though the 11-5 Patriots are at home watching, you have to think, that any Super Bowl with a nine-win team can't be nearly as interesting to watch as a team guided by a QB who hasn't thrown a pass since High School.

In addition to their sub par regular seasons, the Cardinals and the Eagles have another statistic in common; both have quarterbacks who lost a Super Bowl to the Patriots. Donovan McNabb fell an Adam Vinatieri field goal short in Super Bowl XXXIX -- a 24-21 loss. Kurt Warner fell short in Super Bowl XXXVI courtesy of last minute Vinatieri kick, 20-17.

When Super Bowl XLII concludes in Tampa in early February, there's little doubt one of these two teams will make the top ten. The question is, which one?

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