Patriots Add Floyd Reese To Front Office

The New England Patriots saw Scott Pioli depart on a one-way ticket to the midwest, but that doesn't mean they have a gaping hole in their front office. Personnel man Nick Caserio was named as the Director of Player Personnel while former GM Floyd Reese was tabbed as the team's Senior Football Advisor.

Reese brings over 30 years of NFL experience to the Patriots. A former GM for the Tennessee Titans, Reese has experience with coaching, personnel, running a Draft and negotiating contracts. New England had a hole to fill when Pioli left, one it addressed with Tuesday's hire.

"We consider ourselves fortunate to have the opportunity to add someone with Floyd Reese's NFL experience and expertise to our staff," Patriots Chairman and CEO Robert Kraft said. "Floyd will be a tremendous asset serving Coach Belichick in an advisory role."

Reese had served as an NFL analyst in the media while out of football. He left the Titans organization after the 2006 season after 21 years in various positions; as a coaching assistant, coordinator and front office executive. The veteran executive was highly complimentary of Kraft, head coach Bill Belichick and the organization calling all three Top 5 material.

"I just want to say it's a real honor and privilege for me to be a part of it," Reese said.

Reese went on to say that though he has experience building an organization from the ground up, the Patriots aren't in that position.

"This organization doesn't need a lot of fixing. They are in pretty good shape," Reese observed. "I think my objective is to come in and do whatever I can do to help Mr. Kraft and Bill [Belichick] win another world championship."

Belichick cited his familiarity with Reese as one of the reasons the addition will be a benefit to the Patriots.

"Floyd and I go back a long way, practically to the beginning for both of us," Belichick said Tuesday. "He has handled as much as one person can possibly handle in this league and to a certain extent, so has Nick [Caserio]."

Belichick also felt comfortable that teaming Reese with Caserio will address the need to fill the duties of Scott Pioli.

"In Nick and Floyd, we have two outstanding men who each bring a wealth of knowledge and flexibility to this organization," Belichick continued. "I look forward to joining with both of them and working toward the common goal of our team's improvement and success."

Pioli left New England after nine seasons. Reese and Caserio have nearly forty combined years experience with Caserio's 2001-08 tenure almost as long as Pioli's in New England.

Now the big challenge will be what to do with Matt Cassel and his impending free agency considering Tom Brady appears to be on track to play next season.

"It will be interesting and I'm sure there will be a lot of discussion on it," Reese admitted. " I've always been one of those who has said that if you think you have two quarterbacks you probably don't have one. But this is a situation where having two quarterbacks may very well be true."

We'll find out how true it is when the Patriots make their decision on whether to use the franchise tag on Cassel this spring or possibly trade him to another team.

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