Poore's Picks: Super Bowl XLIII

Jim Poore takes a look at all the hype leading up to the big game. Factoring in how the Cardinals are just the second 8-win team to make it to the Super Bowl, Jim makes his pick against the spread.

The Super Bowl this year doesn't seem to have the usual hype. Yeah, it has the obnoxious two week wait with everybody waiting for kickoff, but most of the usual flair just doesn't seem apparent. I am sure having the plain Arizona Cardinals in the big game doesn't help. It isn't the biggest media market in the country ( though Phoenix is a big city ) and it just doesn't seem the same as other NFC cities. Pittsburgh and the Steelers are definitely a draw, which does help, but it just seem like the usual circus surrounding the game is missing.

The commercials likely won't be as good this year, with companies having to dish out in excess of $3 million for a thirty second ad. With the troubled state of the country right now, it seems people have their minds on other things. But there is no question people are going to watch, simply because it is the Super Bowl. And I think we will be treated to a better game than most think. Arizona's pass happy offense against the Steelers' number one ranked defense should be fun to watch. I will be watching with friends just like everybody else.

I hope everybody enjoyed my columns this year. It was a lot of fun, and getting others' opinions about the games made it even more pleasurable. I look forward to it again next year, as I hope everybody else does too.

Super Bowl Pick

Pittsburgh 7 ARIZONA
I actually thought the point spread was going to be a little higher, but it seems the Cardinals are getting some respect. they should be. Despite the 9-7 regular season record, they are playing their best football at the right time. Unfortunately for them though, so is Pittsburgh. As the old saying goes, defense wins games, which is what clearly gives the Steelers the edge here. As good as Arizona can pass the ball, Pittsburgh can stop it. Hopefully Anquan Boldin can stop crying long enough to help out his amazing teamate Larry Fitzgerald. I don't think the two of them together are going to be able to get by Pittsburgh though. Their defense is too good. I think the game will at least be competitive, but I have to take Pittsburgh here. They should be able to cover.
Steelers 26-17

Record For Championship Week: 1-1
Record For Playoffs: 6-4

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