Patriot Getting his Kicks in Hawaii

Patriots Insider caught up with Gotskowski at the Pro Bowl. Here's what he had to say about the game and his time with rivals in Hawaii.

Patriot Getting his Kicks in Hawaii

After having a career year in 2008, New England’s Stephen Gostkowski earned the respect of both his peers and fans all over the league as he was selected to his first Pro Bowl in just his second season.

“It’s an honor and a blessing to be here,” Gostkowski said. “To just be regarded among the best in your conference and to get selected is an honor in itself.”

Despite his AFC team’s defeat, the second-year kicker from Memphis still had the time of his life just “hanging out.”

“To just get to hang out around here with the best players, to sit by the pool and have a good time, it’s awesome,” Gostkowski said with a big smile. “It stinks that we lost, but it is what it is and hopefully I’ll have another chance to come back here. It’s an honor to be here and I’m not going to let the loss upset me too much.”

Normally kickers are some of the loneliest guys on a football team as they are usually introverted and separated from the rest of the players. That apparently wasn’t the case in Hawaii, at least for the Patriots kicker.

“Everybody’s been real nice and real fun to be around and hang out with. Everybody’s been real cordial and it’s special to be in Hawaii.”

When asked who his favorite player to meet was, the answer was predictable.

“It was cool to meet the Manning’s,” Stephen told “I look up to every one of these guys that I’ve seen play. Everybody watches each others games.”

Although most Patriots fans would see the past 12 or so months as somewhat of a disappointment, Gostkowski thinks otherwise.

“We had a good season whether we made the playoffs or not,” Gostkowski rationalized. “We were definitely deserving, we had a good enough record to get in, but we couldn’t get the tiebreaker to go in our direction.”

Stephen sees 2008 as a positive, not just for himself, but the entire team, and he believes that the Pats strong finish will indeed carry over to next year.

“There’s always next year, we had a good year. We finished winning four games in a row and did all we could, it just didn’t work out for us. It was still a fun year and it’s much better than having a losing record.”

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