REPORT: Izzo Named In Court Documents

Updated: Patriots linebacker Larry Izzo was named in court documents indicating he might be connected to the federal case against baseball's Barry Bonds.

Updated: 4:45pm 2/14

New England Patriots linebacker Larry Izzo was named in documents listing the witnesses to be called by the prosecution in the federal case against MLB's hitter Barry Bonds .

Izzo was the only NFL player listed in court documents filed Friday in federal court in California.

Calls to Izzo's agent by Patriots Insider were not immediately returned.

Patriots' linebacker Larry Izzo was named in published reports indicating he might be connected to the federal investigation of San Francisco Giants baseball player Barry Bonds. According to the reports, court documents filed Friday name Izzo as one of the government witnesses in the prosecution's case against Bonds on perjury charges.

Two published reports indicate that Izzo is involved in the case. Izzo's name surfaced when investigators recovered evidence at Bonds' trainer Greg Anderson's home during a raid. According to the LA Times, among the list of items obtained during the raid were documents implicating other players and one NFL linebacker (Izzo).

The Times report indicated that Izzo's name surfaced on "documents pertaining to other athletes with connections to Anderson (Bond's trainer)." The report also indicated that Izzo would be called as a witness in the case against Bonds.

Bonds was being investigated for use of performance enhancing drugs in 2003. He denied the charges but later admitted he did use some performance enhancing products from the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative (BALCO), but didn't knowingly use steroids. Government prosecutors are disputing that claim.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that all of the athletes on a list of 38 witnesses have admitted obtaining banned substances from Bonds' trainer:

In the documents, the prosecutors said they would call as many as 38 witnesses to try to make their case against Bonds - among them federal agents, scientists, doping experts, seven baseball players and one former NFL linebacker. All the athletes have admitted they obtained steroids from Bonds' trainer, Greg Anderson, as well as from BALCO, the Burlingame steroid lab at the center of a six-year federal probe of steroids and sports.

If the report is accurate, it's possible that Izzo - a 13 year NFL veteran - may be done playing in New England. Izzo has spent the past eight seasons with the Patriots. He served as a team captain for the Patriots representing the special teams units. Before joining New England, Izzo played five seasons in Miami for the Dolphins.

Izzo is set to become a free agent later this month.

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