Brady Says He's Fine

Though he was there to promote his decision to give 1,000 laptops to needy kids, Tom Brady says that his knee if fine and he expects to be ready for the season.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was at the Boys and Girls Club in Allston Mass to present 1,000 laptops to needy kids as part of the One Laptop Per Child charitable initiative benefiting children in communities which cannot afford the technology on their own. Brady's gift was recognized as apart of an effort to give computers to children in Africa where his sister is performing charitable work, and throughout states in New England.

After the presentation Brady spoke at length about his recovery from knee surgery but wasn't willing to put a timetable to his return other than he believed he would be back in time for training camp.

"Bill (Belichick) doesn't like us to forecast, but I think so," Brady told the Providence Journal." I see no reason why I shouldn't be. I wish it was here now."

As for his recovery from knee surgery Brady said he felt great. "I'm feeling really good. Everything is progressing just as I expected," he told reporters.

The Patriots placed the franchise tag on Brady's backup Matt Cassel in early February, preventing Cassel from leaving via free agency without compensation to New England.

If Brady isn't ready to go by training camp, it could be up to Cassel, Matt Gutierrez and Kevin O'Connell to carry the load.

Brady did answer inquires as to his marital status, though he couched his answer about being engaged. Brady and his supermodeal girlfriend Gisele Bundchen were reportedly engaged according to published reports.

Maybe, Maybe not," Brady told the AP."No, all those reports are true."

Material from wire reports, the AP league and team sources was used in this report

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