Bruschi Wonders Why Vrabel Was Traded

When the Patriots made the trade sending Mike Vrabel and Matt Cassel to the Kansas City Chiefs for a second round pick, many wondered what they were thinking. Surely Cassel was worth a two, what was Vrabel worth? Tedy Bruschi echoed those concerns this week on air.

LB Tedy Bruschi was pretty open in a recent radio interview as to how much he's going to miss former teammate and friend Mike Vrabel, both on and off the field.

"Sometimes with me personally -- with Vrabes, our relationship -- my personal feelings get involved," Bruschi told Boston's sports radio WEEI, calling Vrabel one of his "best friends throughout my entire career" in New England.

"In my own selfish way, we hung out together. There goes my boy, you know, he's going off to somewhere else. I get a little upset about that, and I wonder, what happened? How come he couldn't stay here?" Bruschi said. "The solution for both (the player and the team) was for him to move on. Why? I still don't know. I still don't know. Because losing Vrabes, the team completely changes. We've had big changes before, but to me, this is one of the biggest for me as a linebacker, you know, seeing Mike Vrabel go. But we've coped with changes before (and I) think we'll be able to overcome."

While Bruschi is confident his team will overcome as it always has, he clearly thinks the Chiefs got a very good deal in trading for Vrabel.

"He could be a leader on the field, he could be the one making the plays that won the game, whether that be on defense or offense when he was catching the football, catching touchdowns as a tight end," Bruschi said. "And then going into the locker room or saying something during the stretch line that was so absolutely hilarious that had the morale sort of boosted and raised and sort of lighten the atmosphere in the locker room.

He did so many things, being our player representative along with being on the executive committee. He did so many things, not just for us but for the NFL. Kansas City, I hope they realize what they are getting, because they're a lucky organization."

The Patriots traded Vrabel and Matt Cassel to the Kansas City Chiefs for a second round pick for both players. The trade is still being widely criticized by media outlets around the country. Though some writers have defended the trade, many echo Bruschi's astonishment at the compensation delivered in return.

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