Vrabel Tells His Side Of The Story

The Chiefs official website has the audio of Mike Vrabel and Matt Cassel's interviews with the media. Listen in to hear what they said.

Former Patriots linebacker Mike Vrabel and quarterback Matt Cassel talk about joining the Kansas City Chiefs.

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Here are a few snippits from the transcript:

Q: What is in it for you to come to Kansas City?

MIKE VRABEL: "A change of scenery, a different place to work, a different place to live. I am every bit excited about it and the opportunity. I am looking forward to it and we will see where it goes from here."

Q: Did you want out of New England?

VRABEL: "I wouldn't say that is necessarily true, but the situation is what it is. To be anything but excited wouldn't be giving the Chiefs, players, and the fans the respect that they deserve. I am playing for the Chiefs. Whoever I was going to be playing for this year, I would give them the same effort."

Q: Is it accurate that you will be playing with a chip on your shoulder?

VRABEL: "I don't know how accurate that is. This is a production business and the bottom line is, it is all about production. You put those eight years up against a lot of different guys, then I would be really happy with what I did in those eight years. With that being said, I know that I have got some more football left. I can still play and I can still help the Chiefs and I will help the Chiefs."

Q: Are you more comfortable inside or outside?

VRABEL: "When I first moved inside, for whatever reason in New England, there was a certain transition period but after two years of playing in there I was pretty comfortable. I can play either one of the spots depending on what we need."

Q: Do you think Matt Cassel is a franchise type quarterback for the Chiefs that can lead them to the postseason?

VRABEL: "Just from my observations Matt got better every snap that he took last year. He gained confidence and not only did he play better but he also became a better leader. The guys would gather around him and the guys would trust in him and know that we had a chance with Matt quarterbacking our football team."

Q: How is your relationship with GM Scott Pioli?

VRABEL: "I am familiar with Scott. We were a part of the same organization for eight years. Scott has a lot of history with Bill (Belichick) and I played under Bill for eight years. …. He is the general manager, we have pretty much all dealt with Scott and we will negotiate a contract through my agent. We will continue to do that. Hopefully he will be able to bring some guys in to fix our roster up to where we can go and compete in camp with 80 guys and build a football team."

Q: What is the definition of "The Patriot Way"?

VRABEL: "I think it is about making football important. Loving to play football is about being prepared, being accountable and consistent. I think to be consistent at least your teammates and your coaches know what to expect out of you every week and it is not something that is great one week and then crappy the next. It is putting effort in and getting consistent production from the players."

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