Patriots Expected To Get High Comp Picks?

Compensatory picks are awarded to teams at the last owner meetings before the Draft. Those meetings are scheduled for a little over a week from now. What should Pats fans expect? Here's a good idea...

According to those who follow the compensatory draft pick awards process, the New England Patriots are one of three teams who can expect to hear some good news. One report has the Patriots among those expected to get a third round Draft pick.

Each year, the forecasting, predicting and outright guessing surrounds the Draft picks awards announcement. The picks are decided based upon a secret formula used by the league to compensate teams that lost valuable players and didn't sign any to replace them. The picks are usually determined during the NFL Owners meeting (Mar 22-25) just prior to the NFL Draft.

Randall Gay and Asante Samuel, both signs deals to play elsewhere in 2008.

The actual formula used to decide which teams get picks at which level isn't known, but one Draft tracker (AdamJT13) claims to be fairly accurate. How accurate? How about getting roughly 29 out of 32 correct on average each year?

Adam shared his picks on his blog. Of those predictions, he has the Patriots getting a third, fifth and sixth round pick for players they lost. Because New England didn't sign any free agents of importance (according to Adam), the Patriots losses will get the full benefit of losing three starters.

To view AdamJT13's complete breakdown (click here)

Here are his picks for the Patriots including the backup for his forecast (Salary, games started /games played, postseason involvement). Players who were released by their previous team do not qualify for compensatory consideration:

Lost: Asante Samuel, Donte Stallworth, Randall Gay
Signed: None

Predicted Compensation:

Third Round:
DB Asante Samuel, $9.3567 million per season, 15 GP/15 GS, Pro Bowl

Fifth Round:
WR Donte Stallworth, $4.5393 million, 11/7

Sixth Round:
DBRandall Gay, $3.3125 million, 14/13

New England actually signed a number of players not on the list. Players who were not true (unrestricted) free agents do not qualify for consideration according to Adam's calculations.

Actual Transactions (unofficial):

Patriots Signed:
Sam Aiken, Victor Hobson, Marcus Pollard, Jason Webster, Fernando Bryant, Deltha O'Neal, Lewis Sanders, Tank Williams, Barry Stokes,

Players Lost:
Samuel, Stallworth, Gay, Eugene Wilson, Rashad Moore,

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