New England Gains Three Comp Picks

New England gains three more picks for the 2009 NFL Draft courtesy of the compensatory system. With 11 picks overall, the Patriots are armed and dangerous

The Compensatory picks were handed out yesterday by the league. The Patriots hauled in their fair share netting 3 more picks in rounds three through six. Combined, New England now has 11 picks in the 2009 NFL Draft.

Compensatory picks are based upon free agents signed or lost from the previous season. New England lost three key contributors; Asante Samuel (Eagles), Donte Stallworth (Browns) and Randall Gay (Saints).

The value of those picks is determined by a secret formula. The components of that formula include playing time, compensation and postseason honors.

Here are the Patriots picks for 2009:

1st round   1 pick (23rd overall)
2nd round: 3 picks (34t, 47t, 58)
3rd round: 2 picks (89, 97*)
4th round: 1 pick
5th round: 1** picks (170*)
6th round: 2 picks (26th in the round, 207*)
7th round: 1 pick (25th in the round)

t -pick acquired via trade
* -compensatory

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Hot Topic: What will the Patriots do with their picks?

** Note: The Patriots traded their 5th round pick (23rd in the round) to the Eagles for Greg Lewis. The compensation has not been confirmed by either team. still shows the Patriots holding the 23rd pick in the fifth round

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