Anatomy of A Rumor: Patriots To Trade Up?

The Patriots are reportedly interested in trading up, according to one report. And now, they're reportedly interested in trading down. What's the real story? We checked in with our sources around the league to get you THIS latest update.

Yesterday afternoon, Peter King of Sports Illustrated reported that the New England patriots were interested in moving up in the draft, possibly inside the top 10 to get a player of their choice. King's thinking - based on what he heard - was that the Patriots could be trying to get Tyson Jackson, the trading partner target was the Jacksonville Jaguars.

King also implied Jacksonville isn't interested in dropping that far back, or not interested in the offer the Patriots have made. The Green Bay Packers on the other hand MAY be interested.

We checked with sources in Jacksonville and Green Bay as well as longtime NFL Scout Tom Marino to check the likelihood of moving up, and who they could be targeting with the pick

According to the Jacksonville source, the Jaguars want to move, but maybe not as far down as the Patriots are located #23.

The Packers however could move. READ THEIR TAKE

We hypothesized as to the names the Patriots have shown interest in.
Texas DE/OLB Brian Orakpo or Virginia OT Eugene Monroe.

According to NFL Scout Tom Marino, little chance wither is still there at the #8 or 9 spots.

"Orakpo and Monroe will be long gone at ten," Marino wrote.."I believe the Rams will select Monroe at two. God rest his soul, but Marquise Hill was just a big body and Thomas is a total reject. I have moved Jenkins inside in my final position ranking (not enough speed to play out on a wing. Ayers is a very good player who destroyed Smith from Alabama.

"They didn't do too bad with the last Tennessee player they drafted..."

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