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Scout.com Senior NFL writer, Sirius NFL Radio host and league insider Adam caplan answered questions from Patriots fans. Topics: Vince Wilfork, Laurence Maroney, Offensive line and more...

NFL Insider and Sirius NFL Radio host Adam Caplan answered fan questions from the Patriots Insider forums, and emails.Have a question for Adam? Send it to us (here)

Hddcrash:  First:What does your instinct tell you about the re-signing of Wilfork, Seymour and Mankins?  Who is most important to keep? and Who might take a walk to greener pastures?

Caplan: Wilfork and Mankins should be priorities, Seymour hasn't been a dominant player in recent years and he turns 30 in October. Jarvis Green would replace Seymour if he's not re-signed. Wilfork is a perfect fit at NE for a 3-4 scheme, so he's important  to bring back. Mankins is also important as he's one of the better young interior offensive linemen in the league and they have no one to replace him.

On Drafting an offensive lineman: What can we expect now that they have?

Caplan: The Vollmer selection was a surprise since he's seen as somewhat of a project. Light is signed through 2010, but the hope is that Vollmer is ready to start by then. Ohrnberger projects to be a solid backup, whether he could start down the line remains to be seen. He's a really solid run blocker.

TommyB:  Is Brady going to be healthy enough to play and if he isn't what will the Pats do without somebody like Matt Cassel to back him up?   Will Kevin O'Connell be the backup or will they draft another quarterback, pat white?

Caplan:  They believe O'Connell will be ready to play should Brady have a setback. But the feeling is Brady will be ready for the season opener. And it's ahead of schedule.

Jason S:  is there any truth to the rumor that the Patriots wanted to trade up?  If they did who did they try to get?

Caplan:  They looked into it, but the cost was too steep. They usually like to acquire picks for future years and that's what they did in this draft.

10buck2:  Would the Patriots trade Laurence Maroney for a draft pick and then select a running back?  Maroney has bust written all over him like Jackson did. They really need another Corey Dillon and Fred Taylor is old as dirt.

Caplan: No one wants Maroney. The entire league knows that he's been somewhat of an underachiever and he has problems staying healthy.

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