Mike Vick Rumor Resurfaces

The Rumors are back: Michael Vick could sign a deal with an NFL Club as soon as today according to some reports. Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick issued denials previously, but they're not available to shoot down the latest rumors. Are the Patriots one of the teams considering Michael Vick? Here's what we're hearing.

As the Michael Vick watch continues, the team favored by oddsmakers to sign him continues to change. Chris Mortensen and other ESPN "experts" have ventured multiple guesses that the Patriots should be the favorites to sign Vick.

Former Indianapolis Colts head coach Tony Dungy has been sharing his thoughts on the future for embattled star. Dungy has been mentoring Vick since the former Atlanta Falcon quarterback served 18 months in a federal correction facility for his involvement in dog fighting.

As a guest on NBC over the weekend, Dungy mentioned that he feels that Vick is likely to sign on with an NFL Club as soon as this week. For Dungy, it wasn't a matter of if Vick signs, but when and where.

Vick was reinstated by league commissioner Roger Goodell and is free to sign with at team at any time. Goodell reserved final judgment before Vick can play again, but as long as Vick follows guidelines set forth in a meeting with the commissioner he will be free to play again.

Vick's agent Joel Segal said that many teams have inquired about Vick's availability, but five teams stand out. Segal would not disclose the names of the clubs. Though he was in Washington at the time, he told a local radio station that the was no chance he signs with the Redskins

Speculation on which team had the inside track to sign Vick grew when the website TMZ.com posted exclusive video of Vick walking through O'Hare airport in Chicago. The Bears were quick to deny that Vick was in town to sign a deal. TMZ later posted an update explaining that Vick was actually attending a meeting with representatives from the Humane Society of the United States. The meeting was part of Vicks' ongoing image makeover.

Vick is still considered one of the best athletes in the game despite missing the past two seasons.

The teams in the mix reportedly include the Patriots, Steelers, Ravens, Panthers, Rams, Eagles, Jaguars and Vikings.

NFL reporters Adam Schefter ventured a guess via twitter on Wednesday.

"My Michael Vick landing-spot guesses: 1) New England. 2) Pitt. 3) Baltimore. 4) Green Bay. 5) Carolina Notice -- all quality organizations," Schefter wrote.

By putting New England on the list, Schefter echoed what Mortensen and others have long speculated, that the Patriots have the right kind of culture for Vick to succeed and it would be a good match.

What Schefter hasn't heard (which others have corroborated) is that while the situation in New England looks like a good fit to those on the outside, insiders keep saying the Patriots are much less likely to sign Vick than the oddsmakers believe. Multiple insiders have even refuted New England as a possibility, verifying what PatriotsInsider.com has been telling readers for months.

The latest to refute Schefter's claim is Armen Keteyian who responded to Schefter's twitter.

"Adam, cross NE off your Vick List. NOT going to happen. And that's from people who definitely know," Keyetian wrote via Twitter.

Schefter immediately backed off his Top 5, conceding New England may not be in the mix afterall.

Keyetian echoed what former Patriots beat writer Tom Curran posted nearly two weeks previously via twitter and reported on Profootballtalk.com That ownership will have an issue with Vick.

"He also doesn't fit the Kraft family's "brand." With a massive new mall attached to a new stadium, even if BB wanted Vick, Vick's bad 4 biz."

With Schefter backtracking, Mortensen still making guesses on sportscenter from the road and Profootballtalk.com refuting reports from all over the country that Vick is headed to New England, the watch continues. As exciting as it could be to see the Wildcat with Mike Vick as a Patriot, New England fans will need to be satisfied just seeing Tom Brady behind center.

As Bill Belichick said earlier on Sirius NFL Radio (via AllthingsBB.com), things can change.

"In a lot of cases there are different shades of gray. Sometimes players, depending on the situation, things can change quickly," Belichick said on the show "Moving The Chains" with Tim Ryan and Pat Kirwan. "Players you don't have interest in, a short period of time later you do. And players that you do have interest in, a short period of time later you don't for one reason or another."

Maybe things will change, but for now, count the Patriots out of the Mike Vick hunt.

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