Prime Sports Football Weekly Wed

Wed Night was the second installment of Prime Sports Network's Football Weekly featuring Greg DePalma and Patriots Insider's Jon Scott. If you missed tonight's show @ 7:00pm you can listen to the archived version as the guys break down the NFL favorites division by division.

There's a new football radio show in town, and our own Jon Scott of Patriots Insider is sharing more of his NFL knowledge with NFL analyst Greg DePalma on the Prime Sports Network.

Listen in as the guys break down the NFL on a division-by-division basis offering up their thoughts, criticisms, and knowledge of teams around the league.

Tonight's show at 7:00 pm EST can be heard live via the INTERNET here:

Or you can check the archives to catch up on the show if you missed it live.

Tonight's Topics:

AFC / NFC North And West Divisions

The guys break down the teams in each division: Who will win it all? Who will be competitive? Who has no shot?

Join us and be sure to share your feedback on the show.

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