OchoCinco Tells PatriotsInsider Brady is Okay

The main story from Friday night's game was the injury to Tom Brady. When asked about the shoulder, the Patriots were mum, but one person wasn't, Chad Ochocinco. Ocho called Brady to find out how he was doing. He then twittered the news to the world, confirming to PatriotsInsider.com directly that Brady says he's "okay."

When Tom Brady went down in the second quarter of last night's game, Patriot Nation let out a gasp. The broadcast team scrambled for an update, the cameras searched for signs of the quarterback, and reporters wondered, how Brady was doing after slammed into the ground.

The answer came from a player, but not one of the ones in the game. It actually came via Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco who followed the game at home and called Brady to find out how he was doing.

Ocho twittered that he called Brady and the quarterback responded that everything was fine.

"Just got a call back from Tom Brady, says he's fine and there's nothing to worry about," Ochoccinco wrote.

When pressed on the validity of the report by others including the Providence Journal and PatriotsInsider.com, Ochocinco replied directly to confirm the news.

"@patriotsinsider why would I make it up, duh, I heard he got hurt so I left a messgae, he called back and said he's okay,I'm the insider now," Ocho replied to PatriotsInsider.com

Ochocinco has been involved in ongoing twitter conversation with NFL Network's Rich Eisen. He clarified his earlier tweet to Eisen as well as other writers who inquired as to the validity of the information. .

"@Richeisen [I]t pays to have everyones phone number," Ochocinco wrote. "[S]eriously he said he's cool, he's homeless so he'll be okay, new saying right there Rich."

Considering the lack of media report with insight into Brady's injury status, and the less-than-informative response of Bill Belichick after the game, Ochocinco's information has to be taken at face value.

The Patriots are scheduled to hold a conference call Saturday. The subject is sure to come up and Belichick has an opportunity to enlighten all to Brady's condition. Though Belichick certainly has the information available to him, it isn't likley he's willing to share as much as Ochcinco. Certainly not via Twitter.

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