Redskins Reflect On Patriots Game

When Tom Brady connected with Randy Moss to cut through the Redskins defense, Washington could have just packed it in as they did two seasons ago. This time, they fought back. Key areas where Redskins made their mark vs Pats.

Forced Change

The Redskins' much-hyped defense was toasted by Tom Brady and Randy Moss on Aug. 28. Washington forced a punt on New England's first series, but Brady and Co. scored 17 points on their next three possessions, with Moss beating Pro Bowl cornerback DeAngelo Hall and Pro Bowl alternate safety LaRon Landry on touchdown throws from Brady.

"Guys get paid to throw the ball and catch it just like we get paid to stop it," Hall said. "The touchdown (against me) was a veteran move. Tom threw a great ball inside and I couldn't get around Randy's body to break it up. He's pretty good. I said it for weeks leading up to this game, I thought he was the best receiver in the game."

The Redskins forced punts on the final two series that Brady and Moss played.

"We gave 'em different looks and we kinda got to 'em by kinda changing some things," Hall said.

Getting His Kicks

Dave Rayner has bounced from Indianapolis to Green Bay to Kansas City to San Diego to Miami to Detroit to Cincinnati and now to Washington, but only in 2006 with the Packers was he a team's kicker all season. The 26-year-old journeyman might get the chance again with the Redskins.

Rayner has made a 25-yard field goal and all four of his extra points this preseason while incumbent Shaun Suisham, a revelation in 2007, his first full year, but a bust in 2008, was wide left from 52 yards on Aug. 28 against New England. Suisham has hit his 20-yarder and his extra point, but Rayner has boomed his seven kickoff to the 1-yard line on average while Suisham's pair have landed at the 3 and 4. Suisham also struggled at times with kickoffs last season.

"It is very close," coach Jim Zorn said. "I'm very undecided about the situation. I'm waiting for the last possible minute to have to make that choice because there's no clear-cut guy."

Interception Felt Good

As a third-round draft choice, Kevin Barnes was probably destined to make the Redskins roster even after getting toasted by Baltimore receiver Justin Harper in his preseason debut on Aug. 13. After all, fellow cornerback Justin Tryon made it as a fourth-rounder last year despite a horrendous preseason.

However, Barnes was still excited after making his first interception, picking off Patriots backup quarterback Kevin O'Connell's pass for Sam Aiken with 2:59 left in the third quarter at the New England 45 to set up Marko Mitchell's game-tying touchdown five plays later.

"It's good that my first game was kind of tough ... because I realized how much harder I need to work," Barnes said. "Definitely I'm getting better and better every game."

Sellers Regrets Flag Issue

Mike Sellers is an Army brat who knows all about the military, but when he had the American flag thrust into his hands as the last player introduced before the Aug. 28 game against New England, the Pro Bowl fullback let his emotions get the better of him.

Sellers raced onto the field with the flag, but let it drop as he joined his teammates. Rookie linebacker Robert Henson picked up the flag but not before people noticed, causing the 34-year-old Sellers to apologize the next day.

"I meant no disrespect," Sellers said. "I made a mistake."

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