Rumor Mill: Seymour Trade Not A Done Deal?

Rumors are dangerous things when people lend more credence to them than they deserve. A source has been telling PI that the deal sending Patriots DL Richard Seymour to Oakland isn't a sure thing. We just happen to give this rumor more credence because it's from the same source(s) who told us Pioli was headed to Kansas City two days before the announcement.

The Rumor:  Richard Seymour To Oakland Not A Done Deal

Status:  HOT

The Buzz:  If Patriots DL Richard Seymour does not report to Oakland as part of the trade, then the deal could be off.  According to PFT, Seymour could hold out and not report to the Raiders facility causing the deal to fall apart.

Reality: A league source tells PFT that the Seymour deal is far from done.  In the blog post, PFT cites a Peter King conversation with a friend of Seymours who says Big Sey may not report.

Here's what King had in his MMQB column, something he hinted at Sunday night via Twitter.

"Seymour, I'm told, is angry about the deal. He lives in Foxboro, has children he may have to relocate to new schools as the school year dawns and has to get acclimated to a new defense (and an awful team) a week before the opening game. "I would not be surprised if he doesn't report,'' a good friend of Seymour's told me Sunday."

PFT opines that if Seymour doesn't report, the Patriots would need to try and coax him to play out the last year of his contract.

"So, if Seymour refuses to report to the Raiders, either because he doesn't want to play for the Raiders or because they're not offering him the kind of contract he wants, what happens?

"Because all trades hinge on the player showing up and passing a physical, Seymour wouldn't become a Raider unless he enters the building.  Thus, it apparently would fall back to the Patriots to take action against Seymour aimed at coaxing him to honor the last year of his current contract.

Not so.

What could happen is something that our friends at Warpaint Illustrated have been hearing, Seymour could join Matt Cassel and Mike Vrabel in Kansas City. 

We're told anonymous sources have been chirping that Pioli and Belichick have been talking trade.  Seymour could have been traded to KC for their 2010 second round pick, but the Raiders caught wind of the deal and upped the ante.  The compensation was too much to pass one so New England sent Seymour out west.

What King, PFT and others have speculated --  What happens if Seymour doesn't report? --  could lead to Seymour landing in KC anyway.  Seymour would be happier (in theory) and the Patriots wouldn't have to deal with him being a financial anchor in Foxboro.  the only thing stopping that from happening is a Seymour signing a mega-deal in Oakland.  If he's really about the money, he'll sign on.  If he's really about staying in New England ( as King believes) then he'll avoid the deal.

PFT is right, Seymour's agent Eugene Parker is the guy to have if you don't want to report to camp.  Parker represents the NFL's most visible rookei holdout, Michael Crabtree who has yet to sign a deal.

Warpaint continues to hear that the possibility exists for Seymour to KC and it is becoming more likely by the hour.

Whether the Seymour trade to Oakland is all an elaborate plan by BB and SP to get Seymour to KC and avoid league scrutiny is a bit too "conspiracy theory" for us.  But the end game makes too much sense to dismiss.  Plus, the sources in this scenario have been right before.  Pioli landed in KC and we had the news 2 days before the announcement.

We're buying in on this one.  So stay tuned.

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