Surprising Undefeateds?

Why is no one talking about the Denver Broncos? Could it be because Rex Ryan is sucking up all the air? The Jets are the obvious surprise at this point, but other teams deserve credit for their surprising early success.

There's no denying the Jets are the early-season darlings of the NFL. So why is no one talking about the only other remaining unbeaten team that didn't reach the playoffs last season?

Did it take you a few seconds to even come up with that team being the Denver Broncos?

The Jets have the brash rookie coach, the Hollywood rookie quarterback and play in the nation's largest media market. They've also won on the road at Houston and taken down mighty New England and Tennessee.

"I'd like to say that this is exactly what I predicted," Jets coach Rex Ryan said, "but we have played three outstanding football teams. We're 3-0 right here. Maybe that says something about us."

The Broncos? They have a rookie head coach, but he isn't so much brash as he is controversial for the pure reason of running off the franchise's star quarterback. His replacement, Kyle Orton? Not going to be on the cover of any magazines - sports or otherwise - any time soon.

And Denver's three victories have come against that vaunted murderer's row of Cincinnati, Cleveland and Oakland.

Yet, here both teams are, ready to polish off September undefeated.

"We can't be any better than 3-0," McDaniels said. "But we also are very humble and understand that we've got a long way to go, a lot of things to improve on and a lot of good football teams to play. But we're happy with being 3-0."

Getting to 4-0 won't come without earning a level of respect. Next up on the docket is a home tilt with the Cowboys.

"Next is just to go back this week and prepare for Dallas," linebacker Mario Haggan said. "We've got a big challenge -- they're a physical team, they're America's Team, they've been good for many years, so we've got another challenge ahead of us. That's what we're looking forward to."

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