Behind Enemy Lines: Patriots-Ravens I insiders Aaron Wilson and Jon Scott answer questions about the Patriots - Ravens game. In Part 1, Wilson addresses the key issues facing The Ravens who enter Foxboro undefeated but winless against the Patriots.

1) Joe Flacco had an amazing run as a rookie and he seems to be getting better his sophomore season. What has been the key to his success?

Aaron Wilson: Streamlined mechanics, increased c onfidence and offensive coordinator Cam Cameron loosening up the game plan.

2) Ray Lewis has been the face of the defense for years, but there are a lot of other components, which make it tick. Which unheralded players have contributed to the defense’s success.

Wilson: Jarret Johnson doesn't get enough credit. I would place Dawan Landry in that category, too, as well as Kelly Gregg.

3) Without Rex Ryan, how has the defense changed?

Wilson: It's more conservative. They blitz a lot less and play less aggressive coverage schemes.

4) Kelley Washington seems to be having more success in Baltimore than just the special teams role he held in New England. What role does he play in the receiving corps?

Wilson: He's the third receiver and a darn good one. They use him on intermediate routes over the middle. He's a physical runner after the catch and a good blocker.

5) What do you make of the Jets defensive success? Is it more about Rex Ryan’s scheme or would you say it’s players he brought in like Bart Scott and Jim Leonard?

Wilson: It's the talent and the scheme. And they believe in Rex.

6) The Ravens are now Super Bowl favorites, How much success do you see them having (in the division, regular season, playoffs)?

Wilson: I see them at least making it to the AFC title game.

What Three Things do the Patriots have to do to defeat the Ravens?

1) Get Randy Moss involved in the deep passing game.

2) Pressure Joe Flacco into mistakes.

3) Run the football enough to keep the Ravens honest upfront.

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