Going Different Directions

Sometimes change is a good thing. The Titans opted to stay the course and are at the bottom of their division. The Broncos went with a new coach and they're undefeated.

Unexpected facts as the regular season passed the quarter pole Sunday:

--The Denver Broncos, who appeared to be among the most dysfunctional franchise during the offseason, are 5-0 for the first time since 1998, when they went on to the Super Bowl.

--The Tennessee Titans, with as much roster and coaching continuity as any team from last year, is 0-5 after going 13-3 during the regular season in 2008.

Titans coach Jeff Fisher is 0-5

--The Dallas Cowboys, picked by many as a Super Bowl contender, have three wins over teams with a combined record of 1-13 after squeaking by Kansas City in overtime Sunday. If Carolina hadn't scored 18 unanswered points against Washington on Sunday, that number would be 0-14.

The Cowboys still have an opportunity to live up to expectations. They head into their bye week 3-2 - very much alive in the postseason picture and prepared to get healthy for an important stretch of games.

But the stories in Denver and Tennessee will continue to be head scratchers.

Broncos coach Josh McDaniels was heavily criticized for running off franchise quarterback Jay Cutler and for engaging in an ongoing feud with star wide receiver Brandon Marshall over the summer. But there he was on Sunday, bear hugging players after upsetting the Patriots and mentor Bill Belichick.

"This doesn't mean a whole lot unless you can share it with somebody," McDaniels said. "Sometimes, you're allowed to have fun. That's what I was doing."

Meanwhile, coach Jeff Fisher didn't have any deep insights following another lopsided loss to the Colts on Sunday night. Other than saying he's sticking with quarterback Kerry Collins, the most Fisher had to say in assessing the Titans was, "We've made our own mess. We have to find our way out of it."

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