Coaches On The Hot Seat

When the team owner thinks things have reached the lowest point in franchise history, you know it means trouble. NFL coaches on the hot seat include Jeff Fisher who is now 0-6 on the season courtesy of a 59-0 blowout in snowy New England.

With six teams standing with zero or one victory and another seven holding onto a thread of playoff hope with two, there are surprisingly few coaches believed to be candidates for midseason firings.

The clear frontrunner to be the first coach let go this season is Washington's Jim Zorn. The Redskins have lost to three teams that were previously winless and Zorn has already been stripped of his play-calling duties.

Washington enters its by after next weekend, and few would be surprised if that's when the hammer officially comes down on Zorn.

Buffalo's Dick Jauron might have an overtime victory over the Jets on Sunday to thank for his current employment. Unrest in Buffalo is at a fever pitch, but Jauron has a chance to last the season if the Bills can take advantage of a schedule that features no teams with winning records over the next seven games.

Of the other 11 teams with two or fewer victories, seven have first-year head coaches. Tennessee's Jeff Fisher isn't going anywhere and Miami's Tony Sparano is in strong position with the reigning AFC East champs showing signs of life after a an 0-3 start.

Norv Turner will last the season in San Diego unless the Chargers really hit the skids and GM A.J. Smith decides to take it out on the coaching staff instead of his players next time. Carolina's John Fox very well might not be around in 2010 depending on how the next 11 games go, but there's very little chance he'll be fired during the regular season.

That leaves Zorn and Jauron as the pair holding down the proverbial hot seats.

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