Kisha's Korner: Titans Fall...Again and Again

When the Patriots routed the Tennessee Titans 59-0 on Sunday, it was a clear indication of how far Jeff FIsher's team has fallen. From 13-3 and a playoff appearance, the Titans will be lucky to reach .500 New England smelled blood in the water, and set upon the wounded prey like sharks in a feeding frenzy.

A blowout, a thrashing, some, including Tennessee Titans’ fans called it “embarrassing”. How could there not be some feeling of shame? The Patriots’ back up quarterback, Michigan State alum Brian Hoyer, accumulated more yards than both Kerry Collins and Vince Young combined in his professional debut. At the end of the game, Collins explained, “…We made a lot of mistakes and we played a really good football team. When you put those two things together, it’s going to be a bad loss.”

The snow flurries were present for the majority of the game. However, the Titans’ offense, defense and special teams seemed not to be in attendance. As the temperature stayed at a chilly 39 degrees in Foxboro and with the wind blowing at 24 mph, it would’ve been easy to fault the weather for such a disappointing game. The Titans refused to place the blame on the elements. Titans guard Eugene Amano explained, “That is just an excuse and I am not going to say it affected us. You have to come out and play hard. We can’t control the weather.”

Records were set by the New England Patriots including nine franchise records and two league records, including, the most touchdown passes within a quarter (5 total in the 2nd). The only similar numbers between these two teams was Tom Brady’s six touchdowns and the Titans’ six total fumbles committed by five different players, one being struggling veteran Kerry Collins. Laurence Maroney had his fifth career 100+ rushing yards in a game and Tom Brady couldn’t stop smiling.

Beyond the score and statistics put up by both teams, the interesting perspective lies with the rookies. By the 3rd quarter, it was time for Brady to cool down and Hoyer gains his first official start as an NFL player. Rookie cornerback Darius Butler picked up his first interception, adding onto rookie safety Patrick Chung’s own pick in the 4th quarter.

Patriots’ fans have stated that this game looked like a scrimmage. Some have said that the Titans played like a “junior varsity” team. A tough loss for Tennessee was the chance at redemption for the New England Patriots.

Patriots Vs. Titans Rookie Report Card:

A+ :: Cornerback Darius Butler (UConn) & Safety Patrick Chung (Oregon)

The defensive picks of the 2009 Draft played well, very well, in the 59-0 victory. Both Butler and Chung recorded vital game turnovers, an interception for each. Darius Butler played for more than just a win, with the recent loss of Uconn cornerback and close friend Jasper Howard. Butler talked about his team’s reaction after the interception, “It means a lot. It means that they support me. It was my first interception, so it was a big one. And obviously it meant a little more to me because of the news that happened last night [regarding Jasper Howard], so it was huge.”

A :: Wide Receiver/Punt Returner/Kick Returner Julian Edelman (Kent State)

Unfortunately, All-Purpose Edelman was recently reported to have a broken arm with no clear time of return. On Sunday afternoon, Edelman played with a comfort on the field, even if it was covered in snow. Six total catches for 43 yards, three punt returns for a total of 39 yards and a kick return for 25 yards. The rookie proved his worth on the field and hopefully this slight injury won’t take away from his hard-earned place in the starting offense.

B+ :: Quarterback Brian Hoyer (Michigan State)

A successful NFL debut for a quarterback is not common, unless of course, it’s Tom Brady. Brian Hoyer is no Tom Brady but he proved to be just enough. Hoyer completed 9 of 11 passes, completed a 16 yard completion to fellow rookie standout Julian Edelman and even managed to score a running touchdown. Not bad, for a rookie.

Korner Kicks:

Patriots Vs. Buccaneers in London

As the New England Patriots travel to Wembley Stadium in London to face another winless team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-6), it would be foolish to think that it’ll just be another blowout, just in another country. The Buccaneers have a few things going for them, like the Patriots suffering from jet lag. In all reality, the Buccaneers have struggled all season with the quarterback position. Byron Leftwich went from starting QB to third string in just six weeks. Second year pro Josh Johnson is set to start in London and sitting at back up is Kansas State alum and rookie Josh Freeman. The Buccaneer defense has allowed an average of 6.6 yards per play this season and with Patriots’ RB Laurence Maroney beginning to play with patience and the explosion that was eminent in his college days, this lack of strength at the Titans’ defensive line is hard to ignore. Patriots for the win.

New England Patriots 34
Tampa Bay Buccaneers


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