Patriots - Buccaneers: Game Balls & Goats

The New England Patriots took out their aggression on the overmatched Tampa Bay Buccaneers 35-7. Send us your Game Balls (good things) and Goats (bad things) for today's game. Here are ours.


1. Brandon MeriweatherTwo interceptions. His return for a touchdown set the tone for the day.

2. Wes WelkerTen catches for over 100 yards. He remains consistent even when the other team knows he is getting the ball. Takes on the tough hits and finds ways to be productive when covered.

3. Brandon McGowan. – One of the most reliable free agent pickups the Patriots have made in recent years. 5 tackles and 2 passes defended, Mcgowan contributes in all phases of the game.

Mike Wrightanother sack. Wright continues to play well in the interior line.
Tom BradyAnother 300 yard game. With the exceptions of the two interceptions and few poorly thrown balls, should have been a Game ball.
Randy MossEven when he isn't making big catches, he's a big part of the offense.
London Fans – a well attended event again. Congrats to the British fans.


Run Blocking – 28 carries for 107 yards = 3.8 avg. Take away the trick plays and QB scampers and it's more pedestrian. 22 rushes for 68 yards (3.1 avg.)

Logan MankinsHorrible penalties. Although Mankins can be one of the best blockers on the line, he's starting to make mistakes.

Adalius ThomasOne tackle? After being benched this was not the kind of performance Bill Belichick would be pleased with.

Josh Johnson3 interceptions. A horrible day for the supposed leader of the Buccaneers offense. The pick-6 set the stage.

Buccaneers Pass defense – Allowing another 300-yard passer. Missed tackles in the secondary. The team will have a long season until they fix it.

Patriots Penalties – another day of double digit penalties

Fans can submit their own Game Balls and Goats HERE

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