Porter Sounds Off, Again

Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter thinks Tom Brady has his own set of rules. And yes, Porter still hates the Pats.

Miami Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter continues to speak his mind about this week's opponent, the New England Patriots. Just a day after telling the New England media that he still hates the Patriots, and blames New England for his not getting a Super Bowl ring while a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Porter claimed that Patriots QB Tom Brady has his own set of rules.

Porter made the comments to NFL Network's Rich Eisen.

"When a guy can tell a ref when to throw a flag, and he gets it, he's got his own rules," Porter said. "They make the rule that you don't go at the legs for Tom {Brady]. When he feels that someone is going at his legs, he just points to the ref and he gets a flag."

Why does Porter feel such animosity toward the Patriots?

"The hate's been there for a while," Porter explained. "Especially after all the cheating they did back in the day."

Porter was referring to the Patriots videotaping scandal that rocked the league in 2007. The contentious linebacker suggested that the Patriots have asterisks placed next to their name in the record books for those championship games.

On Wednesday Porter admitted he still felt cheated and that the Patriots cost him a chance at a ring.

"We do this every year around this time I do this conference call," Porter responded when asked about the ring statement. "You know exactly what I'm talking about. And they know exactly what I'm talking about. And that's not going to change from my thought process on that situation."

According to Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano, what Porter says is ok with him. At least that's how Sparano felt before Porter's latest verbal salvo.

"I think one of the things with Joey is that he's one of my captains and I believe that he gets it," Sparano said in a conference call. "He does a great job of speaking our language that way. Every team has a couple players who are kind of out in front and Joey's one of those guys who is out in front."

Porter will be out in front on Sunday when Brady lines up opposite the field from him. In 2007, Porter managed to sack the Patriots QB 3 times over the season. In 2008, he sacked Matt Cassel 5 times.

As Jason Taylor put it this week, success is measured by the numbers.

"People love stats and love numbers and we understand that it comes down to numbers at the end of the day for some people," said Taylor. "Joey is going to be fine. He is going to get to his sacks."

So while Porter mouths off during the week, he's been able to back it up in the past. This year, with just 2.5 sacks to his credit, Porter may just want to check his tongue before the game. Unfortunately for the Dolphins' secondary, that isn't his style.

Information from wire reports, team and league sources was used in this report.

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