Rumor: Larry Johnson to New England?

Is Kansas City's controversial running back on the radar in New England? Some think he could be the next Corey Dillon in Foxboro. (Update)

The Kansas City Chiefs opted cut ties with controversial running back Larry Johnson after the 7-year veteran openly criticized the team's head coach online. Suspended for one game then released, Johnson is on the waiver wire Tuesday. If he clears waivers by 4pm, he is free to sign with any team he chooses.

One recent post from the website reports that an anonymous source suggests that the Patriots might be a landing spot for Johnson should he clear waivers. Patriots head coach Bill Belichick wouldn't rule out the possibility of adding Johnson, but also didn't exactly give the back a ringing endorsement.

For Johnson's part, he stil feels like he can be a productive running back. During a recent interview on the Dan Patrick Show, Johnson said he feels he has the potential to be a top running back.

"I still feel like I can play this game at a high level," Johnson said.

If the Patriots do opt to pursue Johnson, they'll have to deal with the baggage the 29-year old brings with him from Kansas City. Johnson was plagued by reports that he had a poor attitude, was a discipline problem and had off-the-field issues.

Johnson told Patrick it stemmed from the losing environment in KC..

"If anybody likes losing, they shouldn't be playing this game," Johnson said. "It left a bad taste in my mouth every game we were losing... You just felt like you were useless. ... If I was frustrated and upset, it was mainly for myself."

Whether he gets that chance in New England is another issue. Patriots head coach Bill Belichick said Monday that he doubted that Johnson would end up in New England based upon what other teams may be doing. What Belichick didn't say was how Johnson could fit in the scheme of things for the Patriots.

For some, Johnson reminds them of the same issues Corey Dillon had in Cincinnati before he became a model citizen in Foxboro.

Could Johnson be the next Dillon? Only time will tell.

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