Revis Knows Covering Moss Will Be A Challenge

Jets DB Darrelle Revis believes the Patriots didn't credit him enough for his coverage of Randy Moss in Week 2. But he also is smart enough to see this is not the same Patriots team that he faced that week, and covering Moss is going to be harder this time around.

Darrelle Revis doesn't quite see eye-to-eye with New England coach Bill Belichick.

No, Revis isn't one of the legion of NFL pundits disagreeing with Belichick's bizarre decision to go for it on fourth-and-2 against Indianapolis last Sunday. This is slightly more personal.

Just as Randy Moss did after being limited to four receptions for 24 yards by Revis in the Jets' win over New England on Sept. 20, Belichick disputed the notion that Revis exclusively played man-to-man against Moss.

"Really, they played a lot of over the top coverage with Revis and (Kerry) Rhodes," Belichick said. "They played over the top of him quite a bit, not always, but quite a bit."

"Everyone saw the game," Revis said. "Everybody knows I was in man coverage, that was the case. (Moss) is supposed to say that because (that) wasn't his day, he got shut out and was frustrated about it, which is cool. I don't have anything against him. I still think he's one of the best receivers in the league. When we go up against each other, it's great competition. So, if he says that, he does, that's on him. But we play them twice a year and I have to see him just as much as he has to see me."

And they will see each other again Sunday when the Jets (4-5) visit New England (6-3) in a must-win for the Jets to stay in the AFC playoff picture. Moss has been on a roll lately, with 28 receptions for 524 yards and six touchdowns over his last four games. And unlike in the first meeting between these teams, the Patriots also will have Wes Welker on the field. He missed the first game with a knee injury.

Revis picks off a Brady pass intended for Moss. (AP)

"Looking at that film this week," Revis said, "I think that I had a good game plan, covering him the best way, just switching up certain things off coverage, a little bit of press, just making sure I'm giving him different looks. Just watching the past couple games they've played, they're doing different things with him now in their offense, so I'll probably have to switch my game up when I watch more film this week on him."

Revis added that the Patriots currently are putting Moss "in more places to get him the ball. He's been in the slot a little bit more, so defensive backs can't get their hands on him. He can get a free release, and sprint down the field and (make) acrobatic catches. ... It's (up to) me to change up my game plan a little bit on him."

And, for the record, Belichick does respect Revis' game.

"Revis is a good player," Belichick said. "He matches up against basically every team's best receiver. He's tall for a corner. He has good length, good size, very good ball skills, runs well, good quickness, good on the jam, good tackler, good run-force player. He's a good, solid all-around player. He doesn't have any weaknesses. He does everything at least good, if not real good, compared to the other players in his position throughout the league. He's a smart guy, (he's) instinctive. He has a good feel for zone coverage. He does a good job of freeing up and helping sometimes when he isn't threatened by the route, the receiver or a formation."

And of course, Rex Ryan is even more effusive.

"All I can say," the Jets' coach said, "is we've got the best corner in the league and I don't think there's any dispute about that."

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