5 Reasons the Patriots Will … Win?

Here are five scenarios what could result in a Patriots loss, win what I think the Patriots will do to overcome the challenges of New Orleans' undefeated team..

1. Impervious To Crowd Noise

The Patriots are NOT impervious to crowd noise, but if you've been watching (rather listening) to some of the Saints games this season, you already know that the great advantage the Saints rely one - Home Field noise - can disappear whren things aren't going well. The Patriots are one of the best teams in the league at scoring points early.

2. The Injury Factor (aka No Reggie Bush)

Bush is the difference maker. Though he's missed a couple games, Bush brings a dynamic that defenses have extreme difficulty gameplanning for because he's so versatile. Just watch the highlight clip of Bush diving with one arm outstretched along the sideline to score another crucial touchdown. Even though the defense had position, Bush used his athleticism to get to the end zone. Without Bush, Heath Evans and Lance Moore on offense, the Saints scoring machine is missing key playmakers. On defense, the Saints are in even more trouble. They're missing Jabari Greer and Tracy Porter. In for them are a pair of players (Mike McKenzie and Chris McAlister) who were signed as emergency replacements.

3. The Spread vs the Multiple Front

The Patriots have one key element that enables them to score double digit points in every game this season but one - against the Jets in Week 2. That game, the Patriots didn't have the NFL's leading wide receiver, Wes Welker. The Saints use multiple sets to cause mistmatches against opposing defenses. Drew Brees is one of the best in the league at spotting those mismatches and taking advantage. If the Patriots don't fall for the alignment

4. Better Defense

The Patriots have the 6th best defense in the league allowing just under 300 yards per game. The Saints are yielding over 330 yards per game (17th overall). The Patriots allow just over 16 points per game (2nd overall), though that will be sorely tested on Monday night against the Saints 1st overall offense. While the Patriots padded their stats against the Titans and the Buccaneers, the Saints padded their s against eh Lions, Rams and Buccaneers.

5. Undefeated in New Orleans

The Patriots are undefeated in New Orleans, 3 times in the Superdome. Though they are 4-3 in Foxboro, this game is in NO. Once the Adreneline wears off, the game should come down to the smart plays and exploiting opposing defenses. Odds are in NO's favor, but Brady is the great equalizer. The Colts were also favored to win by more than 3, but relied on a miracle to win late. This could be the same type of game.

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