Patriots - Saints: Game Balls & Goats

New Orleans -- The Saints rolled over the New England Patriots 38-17 to continue their unbeaten streak at 11-0. The game got ugly fast for New England. As we do each week, we hand out the good (game balls) and the bad (Goats) awards after the game.


1) Laurence Maroney - He fumbled again, but he did score two TDs and ran hard when he had the ball. He got up, and forced the fumble on the same play he fumbled it away. Deserves credit for his effort. 15 carries 64 yards with 2 TDs

2) Saints fans - very loud environment. After what the city has been through, they deserve to have something to cheer about.

3) Sam Aiken - Quietly amassed 90 yards in losing effort.

Honorable Mentions
Drew Brees - Dissected the Patriots secondary almost at will. 18/23 for 371 yards and 5 TDs.

Wes Welker -- Contained in the passing game, his big punt return gave the Pats a chance to get back in the game

Saints DB Mike McKenzie -- Signed off the street this past week, he played like a veteran


1) Patriots secondary - Exposed at every opportunity. Poor tackling and blown coverage led to big play after big play.

2) Jonathan Wilhite - Yes part of the secondary, but poor angles, and tackling led to big plays for the Saints.

3) Defensive game plan - How the Jets were able to contain the Saints offense should have given New England something to work with. The zone defense was shredded as was the man-to-man. Nothing worked.

Dishonorable Mentions
Pass rush - the Patriots were unable to get any pressure on Drew Brees.

Stephen Gostkowski -- Missed FG, and short kickoffs were uncharacteristic for the Patriots kicker.

Tom Brady - After getting flushed out of the pocket, Brady clearly threw the ball into spots he shouldn't have. He knew better, but threw it anyway.
Announcing crew - Though we're a bit biased, cheerleading in the booth is a bit much

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