Total Patriots: A Must Have For Pats Fans

Author Bob Hyldburg has spend thousands of hours compiling one of the most comprehensive collection of statistics on the New England Patriots in the history of the organization. PatriotsInsider spoke with Hyldburg about the book and what it took to put it all together. Listen to the interview inside.

Looking for that last minute christmas / holiday gift. Stop by you/r local book store to pick up a copy of the ultimate Patriots trivia tool; 'Total Patriots' by Bob Hyldburg.

Hyldburg takes statistical research to a whole new level for football fans who want to know about players from the team's history. After spending 1,000's of hours pouring through film, data sheets, game summaries and every conceivabvle resource, the resulting compendium of statistics is arguably the greatest collection of stats for any Patriots player in team history -- offense or defense.

Hyldburg spent some time speaking with Patriots's Jon Scott about the book and the research that went into it. For more on what Hyldburg had to say, click on the audio link below.

In the mean time, check out the book at your local bookseller.

Total Patriots: The Definitive Encyclopedia of the World-Class Franchise

(Click Here to listen to Interview)

For more information on the author and the book, visit the official website at

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