Patriots - Jaguars: Game Balls & Goats

The New England Patriots downed the Jacksonville Jaguars 35-7 on Sunday. Who did well and who didn't? We hand out the hardware.


1) Tom Brady - Brady's day couldn't have been much better. He scored early and often, throwing three touchdown passes to Randy Moss. Brady finished with 23 completions in 26 attempts for 267 yards and four touchdowns with no sacks and no interceptions.

2) Randy Moss - Moss had his comeback party at home. After weeks of criticism for lack of effort and subpar performances, Moss dialed up his play when the Patriots needed it the most. Though none of Moss' receptions were exceptionally noteworthy, at one point he had a TD for every catch. Moss finished with 4 catches for 45 yards and 3 TDs. It was Moss' 9th 3-TD performance of his career.

3) Wes Welker - Again Welker stepped up the passing game. He caught 13 passes for 138 yards, his seventh 10-catch game to tie an NFL record.

Honorable Mentions:
Patriots pass defense - Brandon Meriweather and Shawn Springs disrupted the Jaguars passing game by picking off David Garrard at key points in the game. Meriweather stopped a key drive in the 1st quarter.

Sammy Morris - Morris stepped in when Maroney had problems handling the ball. It was a 55-yard blast up the middle that got Morris on track. He finished with 12 carries for 95 yards and a TD.


1) Laurence Maroney - We hate to give him a goat, but Maroney's fumble at the goal line came at the worst time (1st quarter) on the first drive. Belichick pulled the RB for the rest of the game.

2) Jaguars Offensive Line - The Jaguars were unable to get anything going on offense mostly due to the poor pass protection. Though the Jaguars line did open some holes for the ground game, the Jaguars needed to throw the ball, and couldn't.

3) David Garrard - A bad day by the Jacksonville quarterback. He finished completing 19 of 25 passes for 185 yards. The problem for Garrard in his performance was the two interceptions he threw, which both came at crucial points.

Dishonorable Mentions:

Patriots run tackling - Though Maurice Jones-Drew ran 18 times for only 63 yards, he was able to squirt for additional yardage after contact.

The Colts - for letting the Jets ruin their perfect season by sticking backups in the game in the third quarter. With the win, New York now controls their own destiny for the playoffs.

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