In the last installment of his weekly picks column Jim Poore talks about the best team in football. Is it the Colts as many believe?

This is it. The last NFL game for the 2009-2010 season. To me it doesn't seem like the hype has been the same. May be because the useless Pro Bowl was played before the Super Bowl. The game is a total waste to begin with, but the six people who watched the game this year couldn't even see players from Indianapolis and New Orleans, for obvious reasons. Many players who are voted in to play in the game don't even show up to begin with. It was even worse this year because the game was in Miami. An easier commute than Honolulu for sure, but many players went to Hawaii because they at least got a nice vacation out of it. The game this year was a complete waste of time, as usual.
The game should be pretty entertaining, but of course many tune in for the commercials and entertainment. The half time this year is provided by The Who. Apparently Charlie Daniels wasn't available. The Who are in their prime I guess. If this was 1973. I guess I will run and get my drinks then.

Indianapolis Colts 5 1/2 New Orleans Saints

It has been quite some time since the teams with the two best records made it to the Super Bowl. The Colts have played really well, while the Saints were probably a little lucky to get to the big game. But luck is a part of it, and the Saints used it to their advantage to make it to their first Super Bowl. I don't think it will be very memorable though. The Colts defense has really stepped up in the post season, and it isn't known right now if Dwight Freeney is even going to play. They also have a guy named Peyton Manning who is pretty good. I think the Saints will be able to keep it somewhat close at the beginning, but I think the Colts will pull away in the second half to win fairly comfortably. The way Manning is playing right now, may be the best he has ever looked, will just be too much for the Saints to overcome.

Colts 30-17

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